Project N: Two Worlds | One Soul
Project N: Two Worlds | One Soul

In Nostalgia, you play as Alice, a child kidnapped and forced to take part in Project Nostalgia, a chain of experiments conducted to confirm the existence of an alternate universe. Other victims her age wanted nothing more than to escape. Alice, however, was an orphan, and this science facility could in fact be a new home for her.

 12 years later, the victims managed to flee from the facility. And the advances of Project Nostalgia were all destroyed.

     10 years after the events at the facility, Alice falls to the floor due to a strange pain all over the body, in her dreams, she sees herself trying to escape from a strange place. This trigger a new event that will change her life forever.

Two worlds, one soul: Just about every character in this adventure will have their alter egos to deal with. These counterparts may share the same soul, but there is no guarantee that they will get along.

Environment interaction: Players will investigate various locations throughout the game. Find, combine and use items to solve puzzles and survive in the tense world of Nostalgia.  

Multiple endings: We want the story to incorporate plenty of twists, and the team has two alternate endings in mind so far.  

Voice acting: Nostalgia will feature voice acting during key moments of the game.

New Concept: Trials. More info about Trials below!

Simpler conversations: We reduce the amount of text in the adventure more, but increased it on the cutscenes and important parts of the game.

More screen-time for each character: instead of focusing on both Alices, we want to develop each character even more than before. 

New Artstyle: As the story progresses it becomes darker and darker. That's why we decided to change the artstyle to make it fit better with the environment and story.

3D Sequences: All Sequences are now in full 3D! Please, see the Sequences section for more.

Darker story: Part of the story has been re-written.

No Battle Mode: We ditched this mode. We will have news about this pretty soon, I know you all going to like it!

Mature (17+) Rating: We won't be shying away from gruesome deaths.

More to come!

Escape Rooms are now Trials

Trials are based on Experimental and Logical thoughts. A few of these are based on paradoxes. 

Paradox Trials: This is a new concept in Nostalgia. Some of the trails that you'll be playing will be based on a paradox.

Keep in mind that Paradoxes are not riddles and they're not meant to be solved. It's more about logical thought. We took the concept and applied it to Nostalgia's Trials.

Also new: 3D Trials. We decided that if we wanted to make this new focus, Trials in 3D would be the best approach. Now, you will have more control of the environment , while we will have a better artistic and logical design.

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