Project Icarus
Project Icarus

The Game

Project Icarus is a fresh new perspective at first person shooters in today's super saturated market, being designed in the shiny new Unreal Engine 4. Most AAA titles today are lacking in creativity and are only catering to a specific audience. What we want to bring back is the Counter-Strike esque feel to shooters and bring the challenge of wielding a virtual weapon, while having the simplicity and enjoyment of being able to hop in and play with other players of varying skill. Our plan is to give players that sense of classic social gaming while smacking them in the face with fun at the same time. You can expect different game types, abilities, XP levels, vehicles, realistic gun recoil, and huge interactive maps.

The Company

Lethal Lens was founded by Kenny Gazko in 2012 with a vision of making creative, entertaining, and indulging media. His ideas eventually evolved and Project Icarus was born. With such a compelling story and concept he quickly found himself among like-minded individuals who share a passion for propelling Project Icarus into fruition, which leads us to our team.  

The Team

We have a humble sized team of eight incredibly talented and ambitious people that consist of 3D artists, sculptors, game developers, concept artists, and a composer. We all share a vision of bringing this project to life and making a career out of our passion for gaming. We're still in early development as Unreal Engine 4 has just recently launched and we need your help to make this game, and dream for all of us, come true.

The Goal

We plan to release this game for the PC (Windows, Linux, and Mac) when completed, and if successfully funded, on consoles as ports in 2016.


This is what we have so far, as mentioned before we are still very much in early development, and have been funding this project all on our own. Our incredible employees have been working for free all of this time and we're so proud of the work they've acheived so far. If you would like to see and read more, you can visit our website for all the information on this game.




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