Project ECHOZ -- action-adventure
Project ECHOZ -- action-adventure

Hello! We are Team Modjo and we want to present you our first project! :)


Project ECHOZ is an action-adventure game, taking over the roll of little Opus, who, with his companion, has to master the seemingly simplest task of the world … save mankind.
He has to destroy the cursed phantoms and guardians to free the human echoes. But saving mankind means something different for everyone. So his opponent Salus wants to stop him at any cost, because according to him Opus will destroy mankind. In the end fade will determine who's superior...



Ahrens, the creator, is disappointed by the race of his world … the human. Because of hate, greed and rage they're starting wars and kill each other. What bothers him the most is that they kill for trivialities like religions and skin color.



So Ahrens decided to redeem the human by taking their differences, physically but also mentally. He deprived them of their souls, the Echoz, and concluded this lively cases into guardians.
Ahrens sent the guardians to different areas and even worlds, because he didn't know how they would react to each other. This worlds can only be entered by gates: the gates of Ahrens.



To always have an eye to the guardians he added the keeper, which observe the guardians, but also the mundits. The mundits are the emotionless cases of the former human.



100 years of peace passed … until one keeper decided to give back the Echoz to the human. In his eyes the “redemption” was a big mistake and he was prepared to destroy the guardians.
He searched for a mundit child, because the souls of children are the purest. The keeper tried to reconvert it into a human, which didn't succeeded perfect. Nevertheless both were ready for their adventure to oppose the sake of Ahrens and rescue the human Echoz.



Our game is an action-adventure, which is modeled on the traditional game principle.
With the task to free the human Echoz you will come to the enjoyment to visit different worlds. This worlds differ surroundings as well enemies. The dungeons you have to pass are adjusted to the surroundings too.



There are different enemy classes like phantoms or the guardians. From them you will get skills, which you need to defeat new enemies or to find your way through the world.



Opus, which you will play in the demo version, is not the only playable character. Later you get another view on the story, with another person. There is more than one ending and it lies in your hand which one you will get!



We place high value on the atmosphere and try to emphasize it with a beautiful soundtrack and imaginatively noises.



When we started this game, we never thought it would become this great project! We really like the soundtrack and the atmosphere and especially the beautiful light effects.
Sadly we hadn't the time we wanted to have, because of work or school. But since October 2015 we did our best.



Now our demo version will be available very soon at Indiegogo. We would be very thankful if you would support us! And of course you will get little goodies ;)



Till then you can support us by checking out our website and give us a like at facebook or Youtube if you want :)






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