Project Biomodus - A Transhuman, Post-Apocalyptic Action RPG
Project Biomodus - A Transhuman, Post-Apocalyptic Action RPG

This project has already launched.

“In our Hubris, we became Immortal. In our Ignorance, we became Monsters.”

This quote is the defining feature of the history in the world of Project Biomodus. Humanity is dead. The ecosystem is a spiraling engine of overworked bio-mechanical constructs, trying desperately to adapt and survive in on a world that is falling ever closer to death. Nothing is as it once was, and in the middle of it all – the transhuman descendants of humanity: Homo Biomodi – struggle to carve out their survival in a world of hollowed-out, concrete husks, vast deserts of ash and dirt and under the predatory eyes of the twisted monsters who survived alongside them.

You play a Biomodus; one step above the other descendants of humans. Unlike the other people who populate the world, you are capable of changing your biology like equipment, modifying and adapting to your surroundings. You can even change bodies all together. Powered by a mixture of your brain and a medical nano-machine factory (collectively known as your Core), your character is capable of superhuman feats, impossibly fast maneuvers and potentially equipped with an array of deadly weapons built into your bio-mechanical Case. It is with these tools that you hunt, you feed, you adapt and then you grow.


Project Biomodus runs on a proprietary system known as TAPM20 (Tactical Action and Power Management – D20) created by TAPM Systems. The system revolves around a fluid interchange of Action and Power points to remove the limits from predefined actions within a combat. Character creation is complex, classless and highly adaptable – but when the dice start rolling, the action is smooth, dynamic and ultimately cinematic in appearance.

The tactical part of play comes from how you spend your points. The more points you spend to attack, the less you have to defend yourself or can devote to movement. Combat is simple, highly flashy and is nigh limitless as the characters can perform impossible feats of strength, take a tank shell to the chest as well as build automatic, armor-shredding weapons into their bodies. One might think that these walking, bio-mechanical gods would have nothing to fear, however there is one change in the ecosystem that rules above all others:

There is no more ‘food chain’ and the monsters out in The Wastes are more than capable of handling themselves.



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