ProGo 2.0: Best Travel Backpack & Camera bag Ever
ProGo 2.0: Best Travel Backpack & Camera bag Ever

This project has already launched.

 ProGo was born in Kickstarter in 2016. With our first successful campaign, we have shipped over 2000 bags to our incredible backers and other fellow travellers. Today we are excited to bring you our most epic travel bag yet, The ProGo 2.0 Travel Bag.

Why I created  ProGo?

I like to travel light. It is easier and lighter to carry just one backpack, and quicker by skipping the baggage claim section at the airport. But how can one carry all the necessary clothes, shoes and accessories including laptops and tablets in just one backpack? They just do not fit, unless you take a bulky luggage and drag it everywhere. That is just not me. To overcome the hassles and nightmares of luggage dragging, pack / unpacking, and having to jumble clean and dirty clothes with shoes; I have decided to create a very simple and unique travel backpack to solve all these problems and to be able to travel neat and clean; hence, I created ProGo.

 ProGo Travel bag is designed for a 3-7-day trip. By combining the best features from a day pack, camera bag, laptop bag and luggage, we have created the ultimate travel backpack to your best traveller’s and photographer's companion. The ProGo Travel Bag has over 20 features that make it the most functional travel bag ever. On top of being packed with incredible functionality, ProGo bag has a sleek minimalist design, is made of strong all weather-proof materials and is built to travel millions of miles with you.

Removable Shelf System

The main difference between Progo and conventional  backpacks / carry ons, is that Progo has a built-in shelf which allows you to transfer your clothes from the bag to a closet or vice versa in seconds.

You can carry up to 7 days worth of clothing!

Dedicated Shoe Compartment at the top of the bag

Left picture  is from ProGo's first version in 2016. The new upgraded version (right picture) will have an opening at the front of the bag, which has a much bigger opening and can also be used to store other objects beside shoes.

 Hide away shoulder straps and Luggage Handle Insertion Sleeve

 The insertion sleeve is padded does not only give you extra comfort, but also keeps you cool by increasing the ventilation.

Safe hidden pocket with RF-ID Blocker - for extra security for your valuables. This will prevent you from credit card, passport and identification frauds.

 A must have for every photographer

 ProGo 2.0 bag converts into a camera bag via its modular padded dividers for extra protection of your camera gear.

Charge all your devices at once

Fits most standard power bar surge (not included)

Never lose your bag

 Bluetooth anti-theft system connects to your mobile phone and beeps when you are 20 feet away from the bag.

Carry your computers with ease

 ProGo 2.0 comes in 2 sizes:

Both sizes meet Airline Carry-on Dimensions

ProGo is a bag large enough to carry all your needs and compact enough to be a carry on.

Reward Tiers

Here is what you will get in exchange for your pledge (please pay attention to the bag sizes)


Wherever your destination, whatever you need to carry, whatever mode of transport you take, ProGo 2.0 will meet your needs

Your support  

In order to bring the Progo Bags to your life and make your travels smoother, we need to meet our factory's minimum order quantity requirement; and this will only be possible with your support. By making a pledge, you will secure yourself the best travel bag in the world and use it in good health for a very long time…now that’s priceless... 

Thank you

Thank you Thank you all for taking your time to view this project . We hope that you are as passionate and excited as we are about Progo Bags. Please spread the word and share this project with your friends and loved ones.

Risks and challenges

We have already found and worked with a very reputable bag and luggage factory that has helped us making our prototypes and our first production batch that have already been delivered for to our previous successful Kickstarter campaign. The communication with the factory had been smooth and fast, which reduces the risks of manufacturing and delivery time substantially. Nevertheless we have set the delivery time in October of 2018 to make sure that all backers will receive their bags on time as promised. This will give us more time to overcome any problems that might occur during manufacturing or delivery. 
To ensure that every bag is created to standard and delivered in time, we will be maintaining constant contact with the factory during the entire process of production. No matter what, we will update our backers during the production.

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