Professional Samsung Gear 360 Dive Housing
Professional Samsung Gear 360 Dive Housing

This project has already launched.

Professional Dive housing for Gear360 Camera (2016 version) 

Why is this housing different?

  • Professional housing for commercial and consumer use
  • Access to all buttons
  • Screen is viewable during dive
  • Waterproof to 100 meters
  • Made from high grade aluminum and acrylic or lexan domes

Domes are an absolute necessity for underwater 360. With flat covers the image is distorted due to the refraction of light as it travels through water. When shooting with a flat port, you lose some of your field of view and the image can be magnified up to 33%. This makes it virtually impossible to stitch underwater 360 with regular flat ports. Using very tiny dome ports that are close to the lens presents another problem...focus. Whilst underwater, a camera is not focusing on what you are videoing, rather a virtual image that is projected onto the dome itself. This means that the closer the dome is to the lens the more difficult it can be for the camera to focus as the “image” is extremely close to the lens. 

We use the largest domes possible while still being able to keep the edges out of the video. This helps keep the video crisp and the stitching easy.

Currently testing for Max depth (down to 25 meters so far, deepest water within 3 hours). We are aiming for a minimum of 40 meters, with 100 meters being the goal.

  • Machined Aluminum housing 6061-T6.
  • Ultraclear domes in acrylic or polycarbonate (made in America!). 
  • All buttons work. Buttons are made from stainless steel, with an o-ring on both sides.

The Gear360 is white in color and that can cause a reflection of the camera off the dome. Our housing covers all of the camera to keep reflections of the camera to a minimum. We are also looking into having an anti-reflective coating baked onto the domes.

What we are working on so that we can release it

At present the last item needed to get these out the door is an opening to be able to see the screen.

Risks and challenges

We have tested the rig several rounds from Panama to Abu Dhabi at multiple depths and conditions, with this being the last iteration. It has proved to be easy to put together, durable as well as waterproof. We view the last slight alterations of the viewable screen area as low risk.

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