Producing Healthy Kombucha Drink For Indonesia
Producing Healthy Kombucha Drink For Indonesia

This project has already launched.


We started making Raw Kombucha because in this country everything has tons of sugar and oil in their foods and drinks, and Raw Kombucha helps me a lot to balance things out and clean the body. On top of that, it is a very refreshing drink when chilled for a tropical country.

We are one of the First to introduce Kombucha to the Indonesian Market and it has proven to be a Healthy Success

We have Organized a event Kombucha for Indonesia, where our Team went to 5 Different Islands Introduced and Educated People to this New Taste and the benefits that come with it, since Kombucha has a distinctive Taste that is still quite unknown to Indonesian People.

The Results were astonishing. People seem to notice the effect a day after consumption with positive results. That gave us a warm feeling in our hearts, because it is not easy to introducing new things to Local People and gain their trust in the product.

We developed a Kombucha recipe that suits to the Indonesian taste and uses only organic Ingredients and real fruits for flavors, but so that it can still be affordable for the Local people.

It wasn't long that people started to like our Herbal beverage and see the great results it can bring....

Cholesterol and Diabetes Rising Danger

Cholesterol and Diabetes is a very big problem in Indonesia. It has always been under the Top 5 Countries for People having the most diabetes cases in the World.According to the International Diabetes Federation In 2015 over 10 Million Cases were recorded and it is estimated by 2035 to rise to 21 Million.

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THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM That can be reduced with some social awareness and simple education to the people and introducing diet plans and products such as Kombucha and others.

We also want to get more involved in some Non Profit Awareness Events here in Indonesia, to make people aware of health issues, and how to prevent them with certain diets and foods.

Now i am trying to make a Larger Brewery here to make it available to most islands here in Indonesia at a Locally affordable price to everyone, because we believe that we can really change peoples quality of life to the better in terms of health with something as simple as Kombucha.

We are raising these funds for a larger production of Kombucha for Indonesian Market, so that it can be available for everyone here. Demand has already been rising beyond our production capacity. Our product has already proven that it is popular in taste and result for the Indonesian People. That is why I need help to make a larger production. Apart from the existing Restaurants / Mini Markets and Hotels we are currently supplying, we have already received confirmation from various large retailers, distributors and Supermarkets for distribution.

The money will be spend for Renting a Larger Production Space, Stainless Steal and Wood Barrel Containers, Bottling and Labeling Machines, Sanitizing Tools, Cooling Storage etc. as well as Raw Materials ( Obtained from Organic Farmers Locally in Indonesia) to start production. Labor, Transportation, Distribution & Advertising, Cost, as well as License Fees are also Calculated. This funding also allows us to buy recycled Glass Bottles for our Drink, so that we can also be more sustainable in production.

Thank You Everyone For The Support!!!
Risks and challenges

Everything is Set from Licenses,Manufacturing Company, Regulations, Distribution and Market Research.

The only challenge is for Distributing Raw Kombucha to far distances and how to keep it chilled for the Pro Bio-tics not to work on accelerated speed.

But we have a solution for that too, by making a Raw Kombucha Product Line and a Postured Kombucha Line for far distance distribution.

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