PRLR: A company centered on providing affordable, high class, professional hair services on-demand in your city. PRLR works by transporting the grooming experience from the salon/barber shop into the comfort of the client’s own home.

PRLR is the only on-demand option for ANY hair service for any demographic…

PRLR goes ANYWHERE! Call a hair professional to your home, your office, your hotel, or your favorite hangout spot.




PRLR can be regarded as a concierge for the barber, stylist and patron alike. Forget about calling a shop and hoping for an available slot. With PRLR you can instantly match with a licensed professional in your area based on your personal hair needs, or you can schedule a convenient time based off of a specific stylists’ listed availability. Not only does PRLR take the guess work out of finding a qualified hair professional (photos of their work on their profile demonstrate their quality), but it also gives our beloved barbers and stylists the opportunity to work independently and proudly on their own time. You shouldn’t have to cancel plans or spend a weekend afternoon waiting for a quality hair cut just to have excess clippings coat the seats of your car as you drive home. Equally, professionals shouldn’t have to pay upwards of $800 per month for booth space when customer traffic isn’t guaranteed throughout the week.



The goal of our campaign is to create a beautiful marriage between technology and style. You can call a cab just as easily as you’d send a text message. You can purchase goods online while waiting at a stoplight. Why can’t it be just as easy to get your hair groomed? Today, there is more of an emphasis on style and trends than ever before. We want to put the power back into the hands of the consumer. With an intuitive user interface, anybody can schedule an affordable hair appointment with a high quality professional. At that point, the hair professional will confirm the appointment, and when the time comes, they’ll come to wherever you are!





Our modular approach incorporates blocks that are common to all streamlined on-demand businesses. We aim for a seamless execution of service request and service provision.





With the average cost of a startup salon exceeding $100,000 (Entrepreneur Magazine), many independent stylists opt not to take the financial risk to invest in a storefront. Traveling or working from home, barbers and stylists are face with many issues; the independent hair professional with no overhead has become a myth. Freelance hair professionals are tasked with marketing, advertising, customer acquisition, publicizing, and reputation building. PRLR provides solutions to these problems. The PRLR app infrastructure optimizes these tasks reducing the hair artist’s effort to almost zero. Our app makes it easy for consumers to quickly find a qualified and affordable stylist in their area based on their user profile. The stylist has the opportunity to post pictures of their work to allow the customer to make a more educated decision about their stylist of choice.










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