Privycam - unhackable privacy protector
Privycam - unhackable privacy protector

This project has already launched.

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Protect your privacy

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Privycam is a webcam cover that allows you to protect your privacy in a discreet and yet stylish manner.

It just takes 5 seconds to install and there you go, you are safe.

Thinner than a credit card, you won't even notice it is here and it won't even change how your laptop closes!

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100% secure Paper-thin Easy to install
100% secure Paper-thin Easy to install
Lightweight All devices compatible Elegant design
Lightweight Cross-device compatible Elegant design
Privycam in action


it cost 30 dollars to hack a webcam

Because it costs less than 30 USD to hack a webcam

For a few bucks anyone can buy a hacking kit and gain control over your webcam

You cannot repair damages once it's done

Because you can’t repair the damages once done

Once a hacker has captured images of you through your webcam, it is impossible to get them back and the risk of seeing those images on internet one day will then be everlasting

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Like a seatbelt, it is a safeguard ensuring that you are protected should anything happen

Privycam in action


Privycam size


Privycam is only 0.7mm which is thinner than a credit card! (0.76mm)
However, it is not too small to make it easy to install and use



Privycam has been tested on several devices e.g. Surface, Macbooks, tablets and phones - it fits seamlessly and does not change the way you use your devices

Because there are new devices every month, it is difficult for us to confirm 100% compatibility

Left or right slide?

Left or right slide?

It's entirely up to you and your device!
Could even be up or down if you got that bit of craziness in you!

Laptop closing?

Laptop closing?

Because it’s so thin, Privycam allows your laptop to seamlessly close just like it is not even there

Privycam in action



Even The FBI, Europol and lots of white hat hackers recommend to do so

FBI logo Europol logo New york times logo

"I put a piece of tape - I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop — I put a piece of tape over the camera."
James Comey, Director of the FBI

"Cover your webcam when not in use"

"Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera. You Should Consider It, Too."
The New York Times


  • Privycam can be opened and closed - unlike a post-it
  • It's made of plastic material, hence super light and no magnets issues
  • Privycam is affordable
  • Privycam will not damage your webcam or device
  • Privycam is easy to install and use
Privycam in action



We already thank you for your attention and even more if you share our campaign with your network or fund our project.
Share Privycam with the people you care about and help them protect their privacy

Privycam Uno - early bird
Privycam Uno
Privycam Movember Special Edition
Privycam Trio
Privycam Family - early bird
Privycam Family
Privycam Business



We believe we can make a difference with Privycam, and we need your help to build some strong foundations for this adventure to become a long term success.
The main reason we need your help is of course to be able to go into production and hereafter are some of the areas we consider as priority for us and for the people that have faith in our project:

Logitics and fulfilment

Logistics and Fulfillment

Part of the funding is to be invested early on in the logistics that will be necessary to make sure we can fulfill all your orders in a seamless and timely manner.
We have seen many crowdfunding campaigns where the logistics was not handled smoothly and backers were then left out waiting too long compared to the promises.

Therefore we identified known campaign challenges such as logistics and fulfillment and planned ahead accordingly to tackle them and show our backers how thankful we are for their support.

Future and Development

Future and Development

Another project of ours for Privycam is to create some customized editions with either laser engraving or printing of designs that we think you would love as another way to bring style to your privacy protection.



2 early 30’s frenchies that have different and yet complementary backgrounds and experience such as IT, security, technology, legal, business and more.
2 friends with a strong appetite for entrepreneurship and a common belief that making a difference through our actions matters.

The Privycam idea is born from several discussions (some more heated up than others) about this digital day and age, how secure it is and the risks. Through fact checking we became more and more aware that webcam hacking is actually a threat that is more real than we thought. Those discussions and shared values brought us together to start the Privycam adventure and we are excited about having the opportunity to bring Privycam to you.

Privycam in action




  • How do I contact Privycam team?
    Feel free to send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible
  • Where does Privycam ship?
    Worldwide - We believe that privacy protection should be accessible to everybody regardless of the location and thus have not limited the shipping locations. For our Indiegogo campaign we have also decided to include to shipping in our perks, as another mean to thank you for your great support.
    The shipping is not included for the Business perk.
  • What kind of battery does Privycam uses?
    The best part of it, it is human powered and never runs out of juice (like a human too)!
  • When my Privycam will be shipped?
    Our plan is to start shipping during the month of October 2017. Should there be any change in the logistics and fulfilment plans, we will let you know as soon as possible for full transparency.
  • Will I have to pay duties/VAT to receive my Privycam?
    Because we ship globally and duties/taxes are different in each country, we cannot retain additional duties/VAT in a manner that is accurate and/or fair for each backer. Any applicable duties/VAT are therefore the responsibility of each backer. If any duties are applicable, these may be charged at the time of receiving the package. To check whether or not there are duties/VAT charged at the time of receiving your reward, please contact your local post office or customs department.


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