Prime - The Perfect Travel Bag
Prime - The Perfect Travel Bag

Imagine the next time you’re at the airport, gym or office. You need to grab your laptop or other electronic device out of your bag without disturbing the rest of its contents. With the Prime travel bag you don't have to imagine because it's already a reality.

Prime was conceived when one of our business partners was on a business trip and he noticed that travel shoulder bags lacked an easy access compartment for laptop devices.

With a patent pending... the Prime travel bag features a completely independent compartment for your laptop or other electronic device. Access your electronic device with ease, while the rest of your contents stay undisturbed.

Featuring shock absorbing padding and hard bottom liner, your electronic device will be safely and securely stored while giving you unprecedented effortless access.

Prime is a high quality and durable travel bag that will hold up to the demands of your rigorous lifestyle.

Prime's simple yet elegant design allows you to look great for any occasion, from a formal business trip, to a trip to the gym or anything in between.

The Prime travel bag is made of water resistant rip stop nylon with a protective liner for extra durability. Constructed with double stitching in key areas, along with fortified handles, reinforced handle mounts, reinforced straps mounts and military grade straps, the Prime travel bag is built to last.

Bag Dimension: W53 x H30 x D30cm

Materials: Ripstop nylon with extra protective layer, shock absorbing padding, nylon liner, military grade straps, durable zippers and hardware.

17 Features: Main compartment, reinforced handle mounts, reinforced ripstop nylon, reinforced strap mounts, heavy duty hardware, military grade straps, double stitching, water resistant, easy access laptop compartment, shock absorbing padding, 2 smart phone zipper pockets, 2 exterior zipper pockets, 2 interior zipper pockets, 2 easy access key loops.

Optional Feature: Modular interior compartments.

Add-ons: Prime Travelers Case, Prime Carabiner.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Prime travel bag. Join us in the continued evolution of travel.

Our project is not live yet but we would love feedback on our preview page. Thanks!


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