Primary: An Original Art Book
Primary: An Original Art Book

This project has already launched.

Pixel & Graphite is a small Arizona-based art business owned and operated by artists Alex Naomi and Sare Sai. We sell prints, buttons, totes, books, and everything in-between both online and at conventions.

❤Creatives is a division of Pixel & Graphite that was created to spotlight original artists in print form. We hope to make ❤Creatives a long-term project that regularly gathers talented artists from around the world to make collaborative artbooks and anthologies based on specific themes and artistic challenges.The Primary Artbook is our premier collaboration.

Primary is centered around the 4 primary colors of light and pigment. Each artist participating in this project has crafted an original work that defines the meaning of their selected color:


We want every ❤Creatives project to be a continuous source of income for the artists who participate, so we are using a US-based on-demand printer. This will make it possible for participating artists to purchase wholesale copies of the book to resell both online and at conventions. The book will also come with an ISBN number to make it available through mainstream sources in the future.

We have over 50 artists participating in this project and each of them is bringing their unique style and interpretation to their chosen color. This book will feature a variety of single and double-page illustrations as well as information on each artist involved. The artwork for the book is 35% complete with a finalization date of July 15th 2017. We will be sharing regular updates with artwork previews and WIPs during this campaign.

Below is a list of our artists separated by their chosen color. You can view the complete artist roster with links to their websites by visiting the ❤Creatives Homepage.






To make this project a reality we need your help. We are raising funds to print the first run of artbooks and pay our participating artists. Depending on the kind of illustration our artists are creating, their payments range from 35$ to $70 per image. The project's $6000 goal will be roughly divided as follows:


For this Kickstarter we are offering the Primary Artbook at a special preorder price of $25 (Retail Price: $35). We also have a few bonus rewards for those who want a little extra, including 4" x 6" mini prints and a surprise gift from Pixel & Graphite! We will provide a catalog of all available print designs upon the successful completion of the Kickstarter.






We are keeping our focus on printing the book and paying our artists, but we do have a few stretch goals we hope to achieve:




We are excited to be working with so many talented artists, and we hope you will help us bring this amazing project to life by becoming a Backer!

Risks and challenges

This is Pixel & Graphite's first collaborative Kickstarter and there is always a risk involved with coordinating multiple artists. Both Pixel & Graphite owners have managerial experience in both retail and events so we know that organizing a group project as large as this is tough, but we are up for the challenge!

We have made several contingency plans to handle any issues that may impede this project’s completion. Artists have adhered to all deadlines, including a mandatory WIP submission on June 24th, so we can be sure their illustrations will be finished on time for this project.

Pixel & Graphite has been illustrating, self-publishing, and creating stock for our online store and convention appearances for over three years, so we are used to meeting deadlines and working with outsourced printers. All items will be created with sources that we have used previously so we can ensure quality.

We will keep backers informed and continue to keep in regular contact with participating artists to make sure the final product is the best we can possibly make it.

We will be test printing and color checking every artwork to make sure it prints at optimum quality. There may be delays due to this test printing phase but we will be sure to keep everyone informed if any should occur.

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