Pridecaster - Live Webcast from coast to coast of NYC and SF Pride
Pridecaster - Live Webcast from coast to coast of NYC and SF Pride

Pridecaster is a web portal that will revolutionize how the LGBT community communicates and experiences Pride celebrations around the world.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to support the LGBT community by building a bridge between the communities through live webcasts of Pride celebrations that our audience can access anywhere in the world. The webcasts offer a unique opportunity for users to experience and celebrate alongside Pride events to be apart of the action.   No longer will our community stand apart from each other, this site is to unify the challenges of the LGBT community and bring into view the fight for equality worldwide. We are here to open the doors and bring the celebration to those that are not able to be at the events themselves.

Company Goals and Objectives:

The objective of Pridecaster is to create a universal community worldwide that brings the LGBT community together through a web portal that opens the door to seeing how other cultures celebrate and/or stand up for their rights in order to be who they are. This web portal will be a space where people will come together and learn about the worldwide community that stands outside their door.

Finally there will be a space where marketers can deliver their messages to the LGBT community and show their support on a more annual basis vs. one month out of the year. This will help to expand awareness in the corporate sector along with build a worldwide acknowledgement of the importance of the LGBT community and the fight for equality.

Business Philosophy:

It is important to create a space for the LGBT community to come together to communicate about their Pride experiences and share that with others looking to travel to these events. By filming each event worldwide, it creates a unique user experience and opens the door for more communication about challenges, accomplishments and innovations by our community. It is important to bring our community together and bridge the lines of communication.

Pridecaster will be targeted towards the LGBT community and the Straight Alliance groups that are interesting learning about how other cities and countries celebrate Pride.  

LGBT Marketing Industry:

LGBT Market has been a space that advertisers alike have been trying to reach for the past 30 years! One of the first advertisers in this space was ABSOLUT Vodka who quickly saw that by showing their support of the LGBT Community they would gain a strong support from a demographic that is loyal and has a high amount of influence amongst their peers.

There is tremendous growth in this market. The LGBT has a current estimated spending power of 2.2 Trillion dollars a year and that number has grown significantly since the mid 90’s. This is a marketing space that advertisers want to be in. By creating a social media tool that allows them to be in this space by ways of sponsorship and/or traditional digital advertising, Pridecaster Media is in the position of creating a constant stream of communication between the brands and the consumer. This is a PRIME time to be involved in this specific market as there has been incredible movement for marriage equality and equal rights.

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