PRIDE yoga
PRIDE yoga

This project has already launched.

Be Bold, Be Bright & Be Beautiful! PRIDE Yoga Pants offer shaping, compression and extreme comfort. Exceptional pants for any practice.

PRIDE Yoga for Cancer - Giving back - A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

PRIDE Yoga for kids - Giving back - A percentage of our proceeds will be donated for school branded yoga pants to help schools with fundraisers.

About PRIDE yoga

You are invited to be a part of the early Spring/Summer launch for our PRIDE yoga clothing line. We believe in the statement of "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” - Rachel Zoe (American fashion designer)

The goal is to provide everyone an opportunity to show the world their PRIDE in yoga with style. Be Bold, Be Bright & Be Beautiful! 

Yoga goes beyond just the physical act.  People do yoga for many reasons and we believe you can spread the word through showing your pride through apparel. Maybe even more people would practice yoga if they knew the true and life changing reasons to practice yoga. 

Join PRIDE Yoga… and take this avenue to express individual PRIDE in yoga through your apparel style, the possibilities are endless.


The Symbol

The Yoga Pride symbol represents having a strong foundation to support growth to overcome all obstacles on our journey towards enlightenment and flourish.



Currently the funding of our clothing line comes from the profits we make from custom orders. The plan is to launch many different designs of our PRIDE yoga collection by this summer. Our ultimate goal is to completely launch a full line to accommodate everyone who wants to show their yoga pride. The designs we previewed, via social media, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


Giving Back

A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to a Give Back Yoga Foundation. Please check them out at We believe in easing the mind, body and spirit of anyone who is going through such a devastating situation.


How it all began – our idea of the perfect yoga clothing line.

For years consumers have been purchasing clothes for everything from casual, workouts and sports. Year after year many shoppers are not 100% happy with how they fit, or the design or the quality. So we felt the need to come up with our own line with positive designs and comfort based on the all the conversations we had with focus groups. We combined our years of exercise and design skills to come up with a clothing line that would be stylish, positive and comfortable to show who you are, on the inside, on the outside. Our clothing line is made for all shapes and sizes because we believe that confidence is self PRIDE — what you wear AND your state of mind.


The Designs

More than 25 years of design and creative experience combined with in-house designers who are incredibly passionate resulted in Team Pride Clothing. What inspires our design team…Their own experiences, many different aspects of their lives, and most importantly conversations with recent customers. We listen, we learn and we grow. 







Sample of the Kickstarter Collection












The Production

To ensure the highest quality of designs, prints and comfort we manufacture all of our apparel with finest quality of material. For the Dye Sublimation process we use Italian Inks to ensure the design and color do not fade after multiple washes. We value our brand and want to offer only the best quality available.

Risks and challenges

To minimize unforeseen issues in the future, over the last year we have laid the ground work. We have a close relationship with our manufacturer and they are using nothing but the highest quality of material to delivere the most beautiful products for our customers.

But in life, not everything always goes as planned. Though unlikely, our deliveries could take a little longer than expected. We will be in contact with you and do everything in our power to deliver them to you as soon as possible.

All we need now is your support, and we will do everything possible to provide you your PRIDE yoga apparel!

Here is the timeline for expected delivery of your prints:

Kickstarter campaign is funded!!!

20 days for transfer of funds 
1 week: You will choose your prints, size and provide mailing info. 
30 days: PRIDE yoga clothing are cut, printed and sewn 
1 week: The clothing is delivered all over the world!

Thank you for your positive thoughts and support!

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