Presidential Pareidolia
Presidential Pareidolia

This project has already launched.

Now more than ever we need the proper education diffused into the American public. With all of the contradicting lies flowing freely through the mainstream media, the truth can easily become obscured and hidden from plain view. It seems to me as though we all need to take a step back and see where and when things in America really started to take a turn for the worse. 

All of the problems America is currently facing do not stem from religious or political party affiliation, skin color, or even heritage. No, the problems facing America stem from a malicious foreign entity within our own borders: The Federal Reserve Banking System. A system that has a monopoly on our valueless fiat money supply, which allows them to prostitute out our elected representatives. All of whom are evidently twerking their way into the corrupted rich scums' pockets and effectively draining us of our freedoms with each passing day.

With their monopoly over the monetary system in our country, the foreign entity (Federal Reserve) is easily able to persuade our representatives and gain control of our governing body. Making the entire premise of our country ("For the People, By the People") null and void. For they are easily able to whore out our representatives with monetary incentives (campaign contributions) in order to initiate their vile plots of world domination. 

By controlling our government, they are able to control our businesses. With the control of businesses, they are able to control the people. By weeding out the small businesses, we are left with naught but major corporations. All of whom are clearly in bed with these vile beings. 

Our representatives have given these corporations the same standing as humans. Our Judicial Branch screwed us by making money the equivalent of speech. It should be clearly evident to every citizen that we are not in the America our country's Founding Fathers initially dreamed of. Instead, we are experiencing the fall of Rome. Our hi-tech police state and our unattached representatives are just the icing on the cake. 

With the overbearing power of the corporations (with their massive amounts of dispensable "speech" that can buyout our representatives), the people's voice is drowned out and becomes utterly insignificant. With the undying need for their worthless paper currency, people become too concerned over their day-to-day struggles to really pay any attention to the happenings of the world around them. People become too afraid to quit their jobs or even follow their dreams. Because no matter what they tell you, money is necessary to do ANYTHING in this country. 

Our past Presidents warned us about the evils such systems utilize in order to gain control of a country and its people. So I took it upon myself to utilize my artwork and their wisdom for the betterment of humanity. I discovered that by simply mirroring an image and replacing the pixels in said image, it will eventually reveal an entire hidden image beneath. 

With such knowledge, I began making .GIFs of the transformations and simply adding our past Presidents' State of the Union Addresses or their personal Literary Works to my posts on Instagram. I would then post the HD JPEGs/GIFs on Twitter with a simple quotation from the President. At least one within the requisite 140 character max of Twitter. 

Once I was finished posting all of the Presidents on Twitter/Instagram, I looked for more avenues to display my work. Tumblr was next in line, of course. So I edited the pictures further to make them different from the originals. I then posted more State of the Union Addresses for the masses to view and educate themselves on. But still, I knew my work was not done.

By being a paying member of Adobe's Creative Cloud (in order to utilize Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Pro), I eventually came across their Behance Web Page for Art Galleries and the like. So I figured I would take the opportunity to edit my work once more and get it to its final form before posting again. To do this I simply replaced all of the colors of the pictures with black/white/red and turned the brightness/contrast up until there were no noticeable changes occurring. I then edited the .GIFs and posted them with the Presidents' Inaugural Addresses/Farewell Addresses. If they did not have a Farewell Address, I simply took their last State of the Union Address and pasted it up with the JPEG. 

So my project is actually already up and done. You can view all of my work at the following sites:


You may be asking: If my project is already complete, why exactly am I doing a Kickstarter?

Well that is simple to answer. I need to accrue funding because I personally have no real disposable income to promote my work. At least not enough to properly diffuse the knowledge within this project to the masses as I would like. Therefore, I figured I would do this Kickstarter as a promotional stint to get eyes on my artwork as well as to enlighten my fellow citizens to the real plights of their country.

So please, help spread the word of our country's past Presidents. Help me make America great again by utilizing history to our benefit. If we fail to correct the current course of action by our representatives by issuing stringent term limits and monitoring their activities the same way we currently monitor our celebrities, I fear history truly will repeat itself once more...

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