Premier Album: Peacemaker
Premier Album: Peacemaker

My vision for Peacemaker is a rock album inspired and influenced by Native American music and art. It is an artful blend of cultures, an expression of the present and the past, as well as of the timeless beauty of nature. Music is a medium for communicating emotion. What Peacemaker will express is a deep love for humanity, including respect for women, and a sacred appreciation for the Native American culture.

The goal of this project is to produce an EP Album with 5 songs, or a full album with 10 songs if the goal amount is exceeded. I have worked with a lot of other people over the years, and now I am inspired to produce my own work of art.

To get a sense of my music style, check out My Music Portfolio.

Where will the money go?


My main goal is to raise $7,000 for a 5 song album, but there’s much more I’d like to do if I can get funded for it! With $12,000 I can produce a 10 song album, including several songs with original lyrics. The more I’m funded for, the more creative content I can add to the album, including new songs and enhanced effects and mastering.


Here’s what I’ll offer you for your support:

About The Crew

Steve Bayard

Currently, Steve is an independent musician who resides in Grass Valley, Ca. He has spent his life playing, touring and producing for other artists, collaborating with them to make their visions a reality. He comes from a show business family that goes back to vaudeville around the turn of the 19th century. He has an inborn sense of rhythm and talent for music, and began performing on stage at seven years old. He started his first band, called The Chosen Few, with John Tristao, who is now the lead singer of Creedence Clearwater Revisited. He also played lead guitar for several other bands, whose members included Steve Price from Pablo Cruise, Bryan Godula from Stoneground, and Mike Shriev from Santana.

Paul Kraushaar

Paul Kraushaar, Owner and Founder of Para-Sight Records and Productions, has over 25 years of experience in all the facets of recording, producing, engineering and creating music.  He has worked with many well known names in the entertainment industry and in every area of live production and sound.

Kit Bailey

Kit is the drummer for the album. Worldly by nature, Kit teaches Standard Drumset, stick technique and matched grip. Rudiments, polyrhythms and independence, musical notation and playing by ear. Hand drum playing and tuning are on the list of Kits expertise too. Congas, bongos, timbales, djembes, Xylophones and ethnic percussion instruments are all Kit legal and approved. A rhythm machine.

Get In Touch!

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We have officially launched on Indiegogo! Please help me make Peacemaker a reality:

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