Precise flight control system/autopilot for drones
Precise flight control system/autopilot for drones

This project has already launched.

Flight control system/autopilot for drones which doesn't need satellite navigation. It has precise internal inertia sensors and rely only on it. Software contains special mathematical operations to eliminate vibration and imprecision of sensors to calculate position, velocity and vector of movement in 3D space. accuracy in our tests use over one hour was less then 1mm.

Final product can be bought on our website and via partner networks once it will be finished.  

Present status: we have developed control system for drones (quad/opto copters) with software. one functional prototype exists. It flies as shown in video. you will need pwm or ppm receiver, install system to drone and literally thats it. 

Funds will be used to finish development, testing in real conditions and incorporation into final product.

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