Pozzie Jewelry Line
Pozzie Jewelry Line

Harnessing the amazing power of positive vibrations into jewelry.

Pozzie Jewelry Line


What We Learned

The powerful affect that vibrations have on the human body is little-understood among the masses, but it is nonetheless something that impacts each one of us every single day, positively or negatively. By becoming more aware of vibrations, we can work to better ensure that its impact is a positive one. We can also enhance and maximize the ways positive vibrations influence our lives.


What We Did

At VibeHigh, we have harnessed these positive vibrations and crafted our beautiful Pozzie Jewelry Line and built this line around the vibrational sounds of positive words such as Love, Gratitude, Joy, Peace, Harmony, and Beauty. We have researched the effects of these vibrations on the body extensively. What we have discovered will change the way you view vibrations forever: Vibrations are so important that they can create a visible effect on water! The effect can be positive or negative depending on the nature of the words being used. And seeing as our bodies are made up of over 60% water, positively ​increasing your vibration can have a positive effect on your body as well.


Our Pozzie Line

Our Pozzie Jewelry Line is sculpted from the crystalized results of positive words being applied to water, which was caused by the vibration of the word itself. These vibrations can be transferred to you and even to your loved ones via the jewelry we have created. 


 You choose the vibration, whatever it is that you need most, and we take care of the rest with our Pozzie Jewelry Line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, tie clips, and cuff links. Wear a bracelet designed from the vibrations of Love, and you will begin to vibrate on the level of love. Wear a necklace designed from the vibrations of Gratitude, and you will vibrate on the level of gratitude. So on and so forth.



What We Need & What You Get

Right now, we are turning to you, for help raising $25,000.00. This start-up capital will cover the costs of manufacturing (production and packaging), marketing, and distributing (shipping, taxes, and fees) our Pozzie Jewelry Line on a global scale. It will also assist us in establishing and maintaining an online presence with the Pozzie Line, which will allow us to continue spreading awareness of the power of positive vibrations. As an early adopter of our new jewelry addition to VibeHigh, you will receive our sincerest thanks, along with your choice of our Pozzie designs on any and or all of the jewelry pieces we offer. We have listed several rewards for you to choose from below!


The Impact

The impact of our Pozzie Jewelry Line is potentially massive, as we will be spreading greater awareness of the power of positive vibrations throughout the world. By contributing to this campaign, you will be a part of affecting the world and its people on a deep and positive level.


Risks & Challenges

*To Us

We have looked into this topic so extensively and spent so much time preparing for this day. There is very little risk involved in what we are doing. We are prepared to take on any challenge to make our Pozzie Jewelry Line work. We have tried to allocate the appropriate time for any unforeseen delays in production but if there happens to be any issues that arise, we will keep you updated on that information as we receive it.

*To You

Kick-Starter is all-or-nothing. If we don’t reach our funding goal of $25,000, we don’t get anything, and you won’t get charged. If you do decide to back us, thank you! YOU WON’T BE CHARGED TODAY! In fact, you won’t be charged for backing our campaign at all until our funding deadline (and only if we meet or exceed our goal).


Other Ways You Can Help

Beyond making a monetary contribution, you can help us by sharing this campaign with all your friends and family. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: these are all fantastic places to share the campaign URL and let people know that you are on board with the VibeHigh Pozzie movement. All contributions, monetary and otherwise, are greatly appreciated at this early stage of our development.

We thank you for your time and support.



 $1-$5 USD Emailed thank-you note plus regular progress updates.

 $10 USD You will receive a mailed thank-you letter plus regular progress updates.

 $25 USD You will receive your choice of 4 Pozzie Coasters​, each showcasing one unique Pozzie Crystal design.

 $100 USD Early Bird You will receive 3 Pozzie bracelet charms. You choose the Pozzie design. Limit of 50 sets

 $125 USD Early Bird You will receive a Pozzie necklace charm and a pair of earrings at this level. You choose the Pozzie design. Limit of 50 sets

 $59 USD You will receive your choice of one bracelet charm.

 $69 USD You will receive your choice between a Pozzie tie clip, a necklace charm, or a brooch. You choose the Pozzie design.

 $99 USD You will receive your choice between a pair of Pozzie earrings or a pair of Pozzie cuff links. You choose the Pozzie design.

 $450 USD You will receive a tie clip, a pair of cuff links, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a brooch, and a necklace. This also includes all 6 Pozzie coasters.

 $2,500 USD You will receive 1 of every item we offer in each Pozzie Crystal design. Love, Joy, Peace, Beauty, Gratitude, and Harmony. That is 36 pieces of jewelry. 6 each of our necklace charms, earrings, bracelet charms, brooches, cuff links, and tie clips.

$10,000 USD You will receive a Wholesalers Package of our Pozzie Jewelry Line. This will include 180 pieces of jewelry. 5 of each item in all 6 designs. 30 necklaces, 30 sets of earrings, 30 tie clips, 30 sets of cuff links, 30 bracelet charms, and 30 brooches.



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