PowerMAG - $7 Magnetic Charger for Mobile Devices (2.4 Amp)
PowerMAG - $7 Magnetic Charger for Mobile Devices (2.4 Amp)

This project has already launched.

The conventional cables has multiple shortcomings; PowerMAG has re-designed the charging cable. The result is a faster , user friendly , universal & durable magnetic charging cable.

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 In this Real life demonstration , it is clearly visible that the driver was occupied with trying to connect the original cable to an extent he did not realised the distance between his car & the car in front was becoming shorter. 

What would be the ideal charging cable be like ? At PowerMAG, we believe that with the advancement of technology we should't be carrying more cables instead we should be carrying lesser cables. In fact cables should be made universal.  

Unhappy with current charging cables provided by manufacturers & third party universal cables which just don't work. We went back to the drawing board & re-invented the future charging cable. 

The result is a universal magnetic cable which can not only charge / sync quickly , at the same time it's smart enough to auto disconnect when it detects your device is fully charged.



Introducing PowerMAG from PJB Private Limited.PowerMAG is a simple solution that makes your charging experience easy!

We've all experienced the trouble & hassle of carrying different cables to charge our devices. Introducing PowerMAG the revolutionary magnetic USB Cable which makes charging any of your devices a breeze.

 What sets us apart from other Magnetic chargers available in the market is that our charging cable would be able to support up to 2.4Amp charging power and there is a auto disconnection function (which will disconnect power when device is fully charged).

To ensure quality of cables , we also plan to get our cables MFI Certified


 Photo's of How to install / use POWERMAG



Our cable uses a magnets called "neodymium" , for the lay man, neodymium magnets are thestrongest type of permanent magnet commercially available

Cable is outlined with neodymium magnets & has 24K gold connectors for improved connectivity
Cable is outlined with neodymium magnets & has 24K gold connectors for improved connectivity

Cables Covers will be manufactured using PC/ABS 

  • PC/ABS = Polycartobnate / ABS Alloy 
  • The benefits of using this material is that it is very tough 
  • It can be easily easily moulded (reducing production costs)

The connectors it's self has 24K gold connectors to help ensure better conductivity & faster charging

This in turn will ensures the reliability of our cables vs that of our competitors.


CAD Renderings of Connectors , Lighting , USB C , Micro USB
CAD Renderings of Connectors , Lighting , USB C , Micro USB
  • As visible from the renderings above, you can select the connectors which is most suitable to your devices. 
  • Charging head type : Apple Lighting , Micro USB , USB C- Connector


CAD Renderings - iPHone Magnetic Head & Cable
CAD Renderings - iPHone Magnetic Head & Cable
  • Length - 1 Meters
  • Colours Available - Grey , Blue , Purple , Red , White
  • Supports Data Transfer , Charging , Music Playback
CAD Renderings of Micro USB Connector with cable
CAD Renderings of Micro USB Connector with cable
  • Magnetic Surface on cable & charging head will always automatically align 
  • Our chargers will auto disconnect whenever it detects that your device has been fully charged (thus increasing the lifespan of your batteries)
CAD Renderings of USB C Connector with cable
CAD Renderings of USB C Connector with cable
  • Charge your devices up to 2X faster using our cables
  • Unlike other magnetic cables which are available in the market, our cables are able to support up to 2.4amp Charging 
  • You can be confident that our cables will even be able to charge high power consuming tablet devices such as iPAD , iPAD Mini , iPAD Pro etc.

Help us bring the power of PowerMAG to the masses, please select a contribution amount. We will most definitely reward you for it. 







With your help we can unlock our stretch goals.The following items will be unlocked for everyone to choose from at the end of the campaign.


 As you would be able to read later on there was a delay in the prototype as we had to overcome various challenges in order to ensure that our product is not only safe, but also durable.




Unlike our competitors we are confident of our PowerMAG, that we will be issuing lifetime warranties.

 As visible from our chart, our PowerMAG cables are also the Cheapest in the market with an average cost of USD$5.30.

We are also the only cable which would be able to support up to 2.4Amp Safely

The drawings presented below are the initial drawings which were conceptualize during the early stages of this project. 


A dedicated team of iT Professional from PJB Private Limited are developing and ensuring this project is completed. Here's a brief history of our company

PJB Private Limited is a company which was founded in January 2009 with the goal of , “Making the best IT products and services , available for both commercial and residential customers. Our company can be classified under 3 major segments , namely the supply & delivery segment , desktop & enterprise support segment and lastly the web development segment.

PJB Private Limited main group of customers include residential & SME Businesses. We have always pride ourselves as the leading one stop IT provider.

At PJB Private limited we understand that without our valued customers we are nobody in this business, which is why we have built up and excellent working relationship with our major business partners to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best.




Risks and challenges

No project is without risk nor challenges; however, we are determined to reduce them. Some of the risk & challenges which we had to overcome are as followed

1) While building our prototype, the first issue we had to overcome was the very fact that the Lighting & Micro USB connectors were at different locations. We had to figure out a way how to ensure that the cables can snap into place (Correctly Every Single Time)

2) We also faced another problem, while charging our cables other objects on the tables kept getting attracted to the charger and when you try to remove them while it was charging the device, you would feel a small electrical shock.

Concerns of safety were immediately raised, as we knew potential customers may be electrocuted & injury may happen. As a result we overhauled the entire design of the charging cable.

3) Charging cables were very flimsy, during the early prototypes , we found out that our charging cables could easily be disconnected. An accidental push would disconnect the charging cable from the connector.

In this aspects we had set down with various magnetic suppliers and found out that the best possible type of magnet to use in this instance was the neodymium magnet as it was not only strong, but at the same time was able to handle high temperatures (without loosing its magnetic power)

4) The cost to develop a prototype was high, we had went to numerous manufacturers here in singapore to fabricate the cables & get parts to manufacture the cables, Nobody wanted to entertain us as we needed small quantities .

As such we coordinated with a local logistics firm to help bring in the required parts from overseas (China , Korea & Indonesia)

5) Slow charging, Early on using copper ends, we realised that charging using our cables were miserably slow & that we kept getting electrocuted, in-fact the iPHONE even displayed a message saying "The cable might not work reliably with the iphone".

In order to overcome this problem we decided to use 24k Gold Connectors , which reduced the electrocution & increased the charging speed

We have recently completed our first successful prototype & with your funding , we are confident of mass production .

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