PowerFold Wallet - Truly Portable Power
PowerFold Wallet - Truly Portable Power

Our Values

We create innovative tools traditionally designed from long lasting materials that are not just durable, but offer a unique and sensational experience. We believe that a product should have a soul, elicit emotion, and to improve one’s lifestyle effortlessly.

Smell, Touch, Sound, Look - every aspect is meticulously chosen to entice your senses. Our products are beautifully designed, simple to use, and passionately assembled by hand


Traditional leather craft and modern technology - perfectly combined to create the most elegant power solution. The PowerFold wallet empowers the user with the ability to no longer worry if their favourite electronic will die, allowing them to focus on what truly matters.


Specs And Features


The PowerFold Wallet Is the perfect combination of ultra soft, extra thick genuine leather combined with the most energy dense power bank available. With built in Micro-USB and hidden Iphone 5 & 6 adapter as well as 2500Mah of power – enough to get 80% charge on an average smart phone! and 100% on most Iphones!



We use our phones for everything! Planning our week, storing our favourite pictures and songs, it connects us to the world and most importantly our friends. Now we even keep our ID, credit cards and more on them. But when it suddenly dies we are left stranded, unable to communicate, pay for things, some people can’t even remember their own number without checking their phone. It is a pretty risky gamble.


We thought we found the solution when we heard about the new credit card sized power banks. Only to find credit card sized didn't really mean credit card sized, not to mention the need for a separate charging cable. So we built a wallet around the most power dense battery we could find and of course it needed to have the charging cable built in. We also wanted it to fit in your hand or pocket while connected to your phone. This meant we needed a durable yet soft material so it would last long without scratching your beautiful phone.


Rewards :






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