Tested and proven to produce results. The M1 was designed for anyone wanting to improve their overall strength and wellness.


The POWER4M M1 is one of the most versatile fitness products on the market today. By combining old technology with new innovation, the M1 allows you to train to maximum fitness levels in far less time than conventional methods. This multi functional product was designed for everyone from the fitness beginner to top athletes and the military's elite. Whether its resistance, functional, suspension, body weight or other types of training, the M1 will help assist you in reaching your ultimate fitness goals.




(From concept to completion)

The idea for the M1 was thought up roughly two years ago. Not long after, the design process began. Bad sketches mixed in with a few good sketches were a daily thing for several weeks. Coming up with designs that would actually work certainly had its challenges. 

The idea....a sort of hybrid between a fitness sandbag and a weighted vest, two very popular products that have been around for a very long time. Combining these two different products was easier said than done. 



  The M1 began its journey at a small manufacturing plant in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. Several prototypes were produced and tested over a course of about a year. The last prototype seemed to be the answer we were looking for. The quality was impeccable, and the pack looked awesome. 

We spent a couple months testing it out with friends and other fitness professionals in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. We were very happy with what we had and received great feedback from everyone else who tested them. Many of them asking when they were going to be available for purchase. 

 We made some minor adjustments that we felt were necessary and sent the M1 back to Argentina. Shortly after, we received the new pack and knew that we had what we were looking for. The idea was longer just an idea, the M1 was born.

Excited and ready. We had the prototype, and we had the manufacturer...so we thought. The issue was that they could not produce our product in high volume. The number we were told that could be produced in a certain amount of time was not going to cut it for us. Tough news to hear after all the time and money that we've invested.

 Staying positive we moved on. We tested the waters in Colombia and Honduras. Both manufacturing companies were great, but the same issue arose...High production volume. Now, we’re not talking about a million M1’s. (Not yet at least) But, we did want to find a company that could handle large orders if and when needed. A good friend then suggested a few manufacturers in Asia where he has done business for many years. 

 We sent a prototype to each company along with the design plans. We explained that we wanted exactly what we had sent them. The process was not quick, they had to deconstruct the packs and go over the drawings they had. We went back and forth with both companies for a couple months. Again, a very pricey process for us, especially with no outside funding whatsoever. BUT WE WANT THE BEST. We didn’tstart this project with hopes of having just one perfect pack made. Our plan from the beginning has been to have a perfect pack for everyone looking for something new and exciting in the fitness world.

 After finally receiving the new prototypes, we happily chose the manufacturer that best suited our needs. A top notch production facility , highest quality materials, and the all important factor HIGH PRODUCTION VOLUME. Large orders were now a possibility.

 So large orders are no longer a problem. The problem that we do face is the minimum order quantities. In order for the manufacturer to begin to produce the M1's, we have to meet their minimum number of production.    

This is why we are here on Kickstarter. We are looking for your help in bringing our vision to life. The 30K goal that we need to reach would be to help us make that initial order. 100% of the money raised will be going to our first production run. 

 We have established great communication with our manufacturer and know first hand that they can produce the quality product that we want to share with all of you and the rest of the world. We feel that we have the final product ready. If any changes were to be made, they would surely only be changes that improved the pack. We will keep you all informed and up to date on all things regarding the Power4m M1 along the way.



Tested in some of the most rugged training environments. The M1 has been constructed with the fitness warrior in mind, and made to withstand the most toughest of workouts.








For detailed info on how to perform these exercises and more, please click this link. http://www.power4m.com/#!exercises/c1fy2    



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Risks and challenges


Having a final prototype makes things a lot easier for us at this point. We have been working with our manufacturer for quite some time now. Having great communication with them has made us confident enough that we will be able to fulfill all rewards in a timely manner. 
With that said...we know that with any type of manufacturing, problems can arise. We will be staying on top of all aspects of manufacturing and logistics, and will do our best to handle any problems swiftly if need be.

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