Power War - The First Men
Power War - The First Men

Power War - The First Men is a first person multiplayer game. Power War will debut as an Early Access ( Beta ) on Steam.

As soon as our community grows and the player base expands, we plan to introduce new features (eg. New mode). An open and honest communication between the developers and the community is of crucial importance to make a good and enjoyable game. Please join us. The following is a complete list of all the features that you will find in the game from the very beginning, which in part will be improved, and to follow you will find what we would like to achieve so as to arrive to a complete project, with eventual modifications and add-ons based on community feedback...

 What is the current status of the game? At present state, the game basically consists of two maps with different environments, with two game modes (deathmatch and team deathmatch), where the match will end after the defined time in the creation of the server, where you can also choose the number of players the server can hold (max 16) and a password in order to play in private. The main menu gives you the possibility to set the graphics parameters, set commands, audio settings to suit your preferences. The player has some peculiarities that makes it unique in these types of games. Among these are the ability to perform various continuous jumps, the ability to give punches, and also, within the features of the player there are 4 powers that are used freely in the game with only one restriction: once activated and used have a time limit of effectiveness. The powers are: 

 * Teleport, which allows the player quick movements 

 * Max speed, which increases the running speed of the player 

 * Armor, partial protection from damage received 

 * Cloak signifying the possibility that the player may become invisible In addition,

 You will find many different war weapons and bombs that you will find in the list below, followed various interchangeable attachments , as shown below: 


 * Assault weapons 

* Submachine gun 

* Pistol 

* Sniper 

 * Shotgun 

 And more: 

 * 1 Flare 

 * 1 Explosive 

 * 1 claymore

 Interchangeable Attachments:

 - Red dot 

 - Acog 

 - Sniper scope

 - Laser 

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version? The full version we have in mind to include are all the features listed below, also during the development of these may be changed as a result of improving the new ideas of the developers or community, with the sole purpose of creating a good game. The features to be implemented are: 

 * Graphics optimizations 

 * New maps 

 * New Game mode 

* New weapons 

 * New weapon textures 

 * Upgraded animations ( with motion capture on reaching the sum)

 * Improved UI 


Site: https://fermanstudio.wixsite.com/ferman 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fermanstudio/ 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBr_441Zlsx8TH6SqN-9oLQ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fermanstudio 

Facebook: https://facebook.com/FermanStudio/

Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/735392620/power-war-the-first-men

Risks and challenges

My game is an advanced development phase and this support is only to complete it and make it perfect. We want to add in some special animations with motion capture and better sound effects for a complete immersion experience. These additions are what we are working on. Everyone will still receive the final version and any updates that we make

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