The First Dissolvable Single Dose Multi-Vitamin Packet
The First Dissolvable Single Dose Multi-Vitamin Packet

pkt is a dissolvable powdered supplement that contains 19 of the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to ensure proper body function and overall health. Formulated for once-daily use, pkt boosts the immune system, supports bone and joint health, and manages stress while maintaining cellular energy and healthy heart functions.

pkt combines an effective, filler-free formula of the highest-quality ingredients with the convenience and ease of single-use packaging--the ideal approach for even the most active and time-challenged individuals seeking to maintain consistent levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

Initially developed by Dr. Steve Chase to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia in family members, pkt is the perfect solution for those who have trouble swallowing pills, or simply want a smart, compact, hassle-free vitamin solution. Whether at home or on the go--all you'll need is one pkt per day, dissolved in your favorite beverage.

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