Potato Pirates: The Tastiest Coding Card Game
Potato Pirates: The Tastiest Coding Card Game

This project has already launched.

Mash potatoes, programming and piracy into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends.

Potato Pirates is a swash-buckling card game of logic and strategy - a lethal combination of potatoes, piracy, and programming perfect for the classroom, family day, or even game night with friends. It teaches anyone age 6 & up, 10 hours worth of programming concepts in 30 minutes, all without a computer!

You play as a Potato Pirate, leading a crew of trusty sea spuds on a mission to save Potato King, who has gotten himself stuck in the deadlock of doom; getting simultaneously stuck in seven different places. There are 7 Potato King cards hidden at random in the deck. Be the first to collect all 7 Potato King cards by roasting, mashing and frying your opponents, fortifying your attacks with programming concepts such as loops and conditionals. Alternatively, eliminate all enemies and be the last Potato Pirate sailing to win the game.


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