post pregnancy shapewear postpartum wraps for stomach
post pregnancy shapewear postpartum wraps for stomach

This project has already launched.

Postpartum abdominal belt is a good helper to help postpartum recovery body. The abdomen is postpartum women are most likely to cause the body deformation, due to abdominal overstrain during the birth process, resulting in 100% postpartum women abdominal relaxation, the relaxation of the abdominal and enlarged uterine cavity without timely recovery, can easily lead to the formation of fat accumulation and other gynecological diseases, not only affects the appearance, it is arch-criminal postpartum the body deformation and many diseases. The best post pregnancy postpartum girdle end have no effect? We may wish to look at the use of the mother’s experience!

I was able to stand for a few days off in winter, it is useless. The results are still some, I am a caesarean section with the feeling can also be.
The 5 section, it is not very good, I Shun good, my colleagues section is not obvious or a little effect, although I was in labor, but in fact are the same, or a little effect, at least now belly is not obvious.
So, post pregnancy belly wrap staylace or have the effect, but many mothers did not insist, the postpartum recovery or to adhere to!
Otherwise when choosing and corset belt also try to choose the high quality, high quality postpartum girdle c section with has the following function:

The second section of the caesarean section has finally passed, but did not think in the caesarean section in the use of the biggest is actually my first caesarean section when the root is not prepared things – tie best belly belt after c section. The use of best postpartum girdle is also before the surgery, the nurse asked to go to the nurses to buy a binding band, for postpartum. I was still some resistance, because the birth of the treasure when I did not use this thing, feeling in the knife-edge hoop on such a tight band, the pain is one aspect, the other will make the wound very uncomfortable. But the nurse cold answer, this is a surgical necessity, after surgery will be directly on the wound pressure on the sandbags, tied to the postpartum belly wrap


The next day feeling a little better after the baby began to feed. After the first day to let the baby lying on the body after the process of smoking, the next day I began to try to breast-feeding. Slightly sideways after the stomach that kind of piercing pain so that I could not help but Ziyaliezui, but turned to see the hungry little baby tilted his head open mouth and waggy like, could not help but exhausted the whole body to do such a Looks like a simple sideways action. And so the baby allowed to suck on the breast, I was feeling sweaty sad, but fortunately has been padded behind a thick mat, otherwise c section belly band is difficult to adhere to. Also at that time, my hand touched the waist of the abdominal binder post cesarean. postpartum corset

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