If you are looking for a great way to get the best selfies and pictures for your social media or on vacations, then you need POPSCOPE the compact, collapsible tripod. This innovative device attaches to most any smart phone to help you extend your reach to get pictures you never thought possible. 

Giving you just the right amount of reach to get that great shot over a crowd or with a backround, reaches out 19 inches and collapses down to 6.49 inches with a swivel head allowing for 90 degree bend, you'll love your POPSCOPE! POPSCOPE works with any photo timer app that you download on your phone or simply activate the video We recommend FOTOR from the app store it's simple to use. POPSCOPE come in a full range of attractive bright colors.

Developed to be lightweight & durable you can use POPSCOPE to take pictures while you are with your friends in restaurants, at parties, even when on vaction. You can even use POPSCOPE to take videos of yourself during work presentations, or tape yourself in practice workouts.


They're lots of uses you will discover for your POPSCOPE. the compact design makes it easy to carry in your pocket, purse, backpack.


POPSCOPE is precision engineered and crafted out of top quality light weight aluminum. Lot's of design attention went into the legs which are designed uniquely to fold out and retract and hide in the body of the base to deliver a stylishly smooth appearance.

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