Poker Chips for MTG Counters | Action Chips
Poker Chips for MTG Counters | Action Chips

Taking Magic to the next level by bringing some poker chips to the table.

Action Chips

These are custom poker chips that I have created through a poker chip company. What the chips do is help create a more visual playing field for Magic: The Gathering as well as bring poker chips to the Magic table to shuffle while your opponent thinks of his or her next move.

  • The chips in the video are different from the ones in the description. Since the ones in the video were hard to read I decided to come up with a new, more visible, layout for the chips.

+1/+1 Counter Chip

This chip is for placing +1/+1 counters on permanents, like Creatures and Planeswalkers. Once you have four and you need to put a fifth simply place the +5/+5 Counter on after removing the four you already have on.

+5/+5 Counter Chip

This chip, as explained above, is for when you already have four +1 counters on a permanent. Simply remove the four +1 counters and place this +5/+5 Counter on. This way you don't end up with a stack of 10 poker chips on one permanent.

Do Not Untap

This chip is for consistency of the game. When Tidebinder Mage enters the battlefield and locks down your Siege Wurm you can place this chip on the Siege Wurm so you know not to untap it in your next untap step. 

More Chips on the Way!

I have been thinking of other chips as well to create but don't want to invest money I don't have into them until I have a fully backed project.

Chips like:

Exiled Chip: This chip will be used to easily identify your exile pile.

Poison/Infect ChipThis chip will help you keep track of  how much Infect a permanent or player has. This chip will also need a +5 Infect Chip to allow for easier counting for the opposing player.

Flying Chip: Nothing is more annoying to me than when I try to block a flying creature with a non-flying creature. I would like to make this chip in  the future so I don't try to do that.

Who Picks Chip: Want a new way to decide who goes first? Flip this chip and see who gets to pick!

Where Your Money Will Go

I have invested as much as I can to get this business started. Below are the things I am going to use the money I make from this Kickstarter campaign to better my business.

Making them double sided: The chips seen in the video are only one sided, needless to say they aren't very useful when one side is blank.

Online Store: Every business needs a professional, easy to use, website where people can buy their products from without getting annoyed and leaving to check their News Feed on Facebook.


When this campaign is successful I will be working with a poker chip case company to build appropriate cases for my customers to easily store and transport their chips.I currently use dice bags to get my chips from game to game, but I am sure there are other ways to transport them as well.

Ideas are as follows:

- Thick Plastic Tube with twist-off cap to hold up to 25 chips

- Small case to hold up to 25 chips

- Medium case to hold up to 25 chips, one 20-sided die, and 75 sleeved cards.

- Medium case to hold up to 50 chips

- Medium case to hold up to 50 chips, two 20 sided die, and 75 sleeved cards.

Why Invest

Investing in my campaign will be the best decision ever if you like Magic as much as I do. These chips make the game way more enjoyable and adds that serious feel to the game since you have poker chips at the table.

As a backer you will receive a discount on my chips as they will retail for $2.00/chip. So what are you waiting for? Back this project and get some poker chips to use during your next MTG session! They are also good for playing poker when your friends come over for a small Texas Hold Em tournament as each chip will have a different color for what purpose they serve.

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