PoeTea, "The Tea The Poets Drink"

A Gourmet Tea Themed For Poets and Poetry Lovers. 

PoeTea was the brainchild of the staff of Local Gems Press--a poetry publisher dedicated to putting forth quality poetry books for quality contemporary authors. The idea of a tea brand dedicated towards poets came from both the love of poetry and the love of tea. 

Poetry is growing more and more as a subculture with readings, slams, competitions, contests and books popping up all over the place. As a subculture poetry is expanding and yet other than the merchandise directly related to poetry itself (books, CDs, etc) there is very little other merchandise being created with the poet in mind. Since we know poets very well we know that poets love to drink tea--so why not a tea with a poetry theme?

PoeTea is working closely with several organizations including Local Gems Press, the Bards Initiative and a Special Tea company to help us develop quality gourmet teas that taste so amazing that you don't have to be a poet to appreciate them! (Although poets and poetry lovers will appreciate them twice as much!)

Over time we are planning to add more flavors to the tea but in the beginning the tea flavors are:

Dante's Inferno (Red Tea, Ginger Pepper Orange Rooibos)

The Raven (Black Tea, Orange Cookie)

Leaves of Grass (Green Tea, Enchanted Forest) 

We are planning to launch a fundraising campaign to help us raise money to give the business a good running start. We need money for:

Business incorporation/lawyer fees.

Product ordering and development

Website fees/ domain names

Advertising/Google Adwords, Color Ad in Poets and Writer's Magazine

Taking the product on the road to Arts and Music Festivals/Writers Conferences etc. 


In our fundraiser we are planning to offer incentives such as:

Various Sample Packs of Tea

Poetry Books from our Press (Local Gems Press)


Free tickets to Poetry Tea Events

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