Pocket N30N City RUMBLE Card Game
Pocket N30N City RUMBLE Card Game

Launching on January 15, 2016, Pocket N30N City RUMBLE (PK NCR) is a light dueling card game that simulates a fight between teams of mutant street fighters. Players use 3 fighters to perform a wide array of attacks, combos, counters, and super moves to beat the living gems out of their opponents. The match is over when a player has lost all of the gems on his/her fighters. A session consists of 3 matches, with the winner being the player who won 2 out of 3 matches.

Our aim with this bite-sized N30N City title is to create an accessible fighting experience for teens and up that can be played on the go - at the airport, during lunch breaks, or even while waiting for your number to be called at the dreaded DMV. Apart from its portability, we are confident that you will be able to learn this game and teach others with relative ease. A typical match runs 5-10 minutes in length, making PK NCR a perfect filler game. However, the sheer amount of player choices and low randomness makes this game tournament-worthy.

We welcome you to download our Print-and-Play (PnP) version of PK NCR and see if the gameplay is your cup of tea. Because the components are all paper cut-outs, we decided to turn the gems into square shards. Instead of using a gem bag, we suggest laying the gem shards face-down on the table and shuffling them about. This helps to facilitate the randomness of drawing gems from the gem bag.

DAVY WAGNAROK (left) is the game designer, writer, concept artist, and project manager for Booyah Games. He also manages the website, social networking, and business side of the company. When he isn't in the office working on a game (or playing one), he occupies his time with reading, writing, and travel. Davy also works as a character designer for Invinity Studios, LLC.

RUDY WILDE (right) is the art director, illustrator, graphic designer, 3D modeler, and animator for Booyah Games. He is an avid collector of exotic pinball machines and arcade cabinets - but for him, nothing beats the feeling of playing games on a handheld console. Rudy stays busy doing commission work for various AAA-list videogame studios, including Namco/Bandai and Konami.

On August 15, 2014, backers like you made our dream game become a reality. We were so blown away by the support we received for N30N City RUMBLE that we just had to come back with a sequel. In the last 10 months, we've gone through 4 versions of the game and several art styles until settling on the final version we have on display here. PK NCR is the spiritual successor to NCR and it is also a love letter to Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix, a fighting game that we feel deserved a second chance.

In short, we love our game and believe that you will, too.

We have so many awesome ideas in the "Booyah Vault" that pay homage to our favorite videogames: Double Dragon, Gargoyle's Quest, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Dynamite Deka, Splatterhouse, Baseball Stars, Dragon Quest, Windjammers, Snatcher, and even Chrono Trigger.

With you behind us, anything is possible! We hope to see you on January 15!

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