PM Galaxy: A Project Management Board Game
PM Galaxy: A Project Management Board Game

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Hi there!! We are thrilled that you took the time to check out our project. Thank you!  

The board game we present you has been developed as a tool to facilitate the learning of project management concepts in a fun and engaging way. It is intended for project management trainers and consultants, project managers, project team leaders and team members. Basically, for all those involved in projects who want to improve their project management knowledge while having a great time together with their team!

We can’t be sure aliens exist in the real world, but in the world of PM Galaxy®, they certainly do! An advanced civilization, called the Arcturians, visited Earth thousands of years ago and since then have been waiting ….and waiting….and waiting…. for us to contact them. Luckily, the new discovered artifacts, found deep in the Sahara desert, are providing all the information we need in order to reach their Galaxy and learn the secrets they want to share with us. Earth is preparing for this exciting challenge and is launching a series of interdependent projects – The Gate, The Shield, The Alloy, The Fortress & The Messenger - to build the Intergalactic Gate which will allow us to travel through space and deliver a message.

PM Galaxy® is a collaborative and competitive board game for 3 to 5 players, where each player, alias „project manager”, takes control of a distinctive project. Although each project manager fights to be the first one to complete his or her project, these projects are interdependent and share, as it always happens, limited resources. The task of each project manager is to guide their projects through its phases, gathering resources by answering quizzes and investing those resources to overcome challenges. The Game is available (for now) in English and Romanian languages. More to come.

We built PM Galaxy® to cover both the fun part (the secret ingredient to building a team) and the educational part as well. It can be anything you want – a board game to play with your team, a learning tool, a training instrument, you name it. PM Galaxy® is meant to help players learn and remember key concepts of project management and best practices in the field, by testing their knowledge and rewarding them for their efforts in a fun and engaging way.

You set up the game and pick a project card (depending on the number of players). 

You then decide if you advance one or two positions on the board (every time).

If you land on a Quiz symbol, you draw a Quiz card and answer it (sand glass is provided to limit the time to 1 minute). There are multiple-option and True or False type of quizzes.

If you answer correctly, you gain resources, which will help you manage your project in the execution phase. A cheat sheet is provided with all answers and explanations.  

When you reach a gate, you pay the cost for passing it. In exchange, you get a project document (approval).

If you land on a Challenge symbol, you must draw a Challenge card, act on it and pay the price. The challenges are similar to what you face in any project: unexpected events, annoying delays, unhappy stakeholders, unscheduled team parties.. you name it! They add the "salt&pepper" to the learning experience, raise the fun and force you to find ways to deal with them by yourself or by collaborating with another player. 

 And don’t forget about the lessons learned! You’ll need them if you want to win.

The game can take anywhere between 20-30 minutes/player, depending on the number of players. The more, the merrier! :)

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