PlanNote diary - planner on the Windows desktop
PlanNote diary - planner on the Windows desktop

This project has already launched.

Hello! Wanted to introduce my project of a SIMPLE diary with the ability to display tasks directly on the Windows desktop (also there is a development under MAC OS)!

Here are the main benefits of our electronic organizer:


  • Without registration! Organizer is ready to use immediately after installation;
  • Simple and convenient interface! When you create the scheduler, we follow the principle of "simpler is better"! Only what You really need;
  • Quick connection devices (Android, iOS)! In order to connect an additional device you only need to scan the QR code second Your device;
  • Instant sync! All Your notes are instantly stored in "the Cloud", where become available for all Your devices;
  • A quick search of notes! Be sure that you will be able in an instant to find any note ever created in the diary PlanNote;
  • Use the desktop Windows and MAC! Using the electronic version of the diary for computer full working week would be before my eyes - right on Your desktop;
  • Gratis! This version of the calendar will always be free;
  • Without advertising! We respect our users, so we won't distract them annoying is.


Step # 1. Install the software on the PC and the mobile device . Then start the apps on both devices and go to "Settings / Registration". On a mobile device click on the button "Scan QR code". Then we direct the camera of the mobile device in the field where is located the bar code, and the mobile device recognizes the key and the detected key is displayed in a special place – from that moment the device attached to each other! No registration!


Step # 2. On the home screen of the mobile version "PlanNote" choose any day of the week (for example, suppose today is Thursday, November 17), click "Add template" and fill it as we need. The end result is something like this:

Step # 3. You can then go to the menu "Quick Notes" and to leave notes. In this menu are saved notes, which are always actual (on the computer, they are stored in a special place and visible to view constantly – an example next):

Step # 4. (Internet connection must be installed). Open the PC version "PlanNote"... and notice that the scheduled event (Thursday 17 November) with the mobile version of "PlanNote" is automatically added in the PC version of the app:


Step # 5. (Internet connection must be installed). Also notice that the "Quick notes" (aka "Quick Notes", "Notes") are automatically added in the PC version of the app:


Step # 6. Turning the PC version "PlanNote" in the "tray", we see that on the desktop in the relevant cell displays scheduled events for November 17, Thursday:

Step # 7. Also, turning the PC version "PlanNote" in the "tray", we see that on the desktop in the corresponding cell in the "Quick Notes" contains important notes:

Step # 8. On the same principle of adding other devices (home PC, iMac, Android, iPad, laptops, etc.). When connecting new devices notes and scheduled events that were previously created on other devices automatically "upload" from the server.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English - I'm currently are studying it =))

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