Pixamo - iOS games bundle and new development studio
Pixamo - iOS games bundle and new development studio


Pixamo is a new iOS games studio, started by Sauce Digital.  

This Kickstarter will fund Pixamo to release its first 12 games, plus one exclusively for backers and their friends  They will be created over 18 months, with the first release in October.  

We think the 12 games are going to be a lot of fun to play.  Like past Sauce Digital games there will be a focus on originality and playability.  The games will include a variety of genres; RPG, Strategy, Arcade, Racing and more.  

The core reward for pledging, is that backers will get all the content in the games for free.  There will also be lots of special content available in the games, that will be available only to backers, these range from exclusive levels, to commodities in trading games that no one else will have - but they will need!  Not to forget a few different ways to get your name in the credits of all the games.

There are also high bracket pledge tiers, that reward backers with sponsorship/naming of some of the games.  They represent a pretty great deal, considering the probable 10s if not 100s of thousands of downloads.

Sauce Digital has previously released 12 iOS games including Killer Pool and Nano Rally, both of which reached the top 10 of all apps.  The games have received close to 2.5 million downloads.  Sauce Digital has not released a game since Microbots in 2013, we would like to change that - this is where Pixamo, Kickstarter and your good selves come in.


X Trader

The details of the first game to be released are currently under wraps.

RELEASE: October 2017


Fiendish is a turn based strategy game where players must use their creepy, bug eyed hoards to conquer the board by eliminating all opposition bots.  If the last piece standing is a monster, the player wins the match, if it is a bot, the player looses.

Each turn consists of three parts; movement, power up, battle.  Turns are take sequentially between player and their monsters, then the opposition bots.

Movement: Players have several monsters at their disposal.  They can be moved around the board, capturing unoccupied squares.  There are multiple terrain types, which only certain monsters or bot can move on to.

Power up: After each movement round, the number of current captured squares equates to power that players can distribute amongst their monsters.

Battle: After distribution of power, a player can initiate attacks by their monsters against any adjacent bots. Based on a combination of dice roll and the attacking monster's power level, the opposition bots’s power will potentially be eroded.  If their power reaches zero, the piece will be eliminated.  

The game begins with an easy board, with odds stacked in the player's favour.  But victory will unlocking of the next difficulty level.  The overall challenge is to see what level you can reach.

RELEASE: November 2017

$1.99 : remove ads
$1.99 : unlock full game

Wake Me Up!

Wake Me Up! is a physics puzzle game in which players attempt to drop Kip the dog out of his bed, and all the way to his scooter.

Players are given a variety of equipment to redirect Kip as he falls, by bouncing, blowing, magnetising and much more.

Each level gets progressively harder, with new equipment added over time.

Work through over 40 levels, with up to 3 stars available for successfully dropping using as little equipment as possible.

RELEASE: December 2017

$1.99 : remove ads
$1.99 : unlock all levels

Soccer Hero

Soccer Hero is super addictive iMessage football game, mixing skill and turn based gameplay.  Challenge friends to flick their way to glory in a retro, pixel style, multi player addition to chat.

... visuals coming soon! ...

Play against up to 7 other people in a group conversation, in two teams.  Curling, dipping, blasting the ball to see who comes out on top.

Customise your team into anything from a pub team to a international powerhouse, playing full games or quick penalty shootouts.

Not forgetting that all the time you can commentate on your friends' performances as the game is played out in the Messages app.

Players can join any game started by friends.  Initially players can only start penalty shootouts, with an In App Purchase to unlock the starting of full matches and group play.

RELEASE: January 2018

$1.99 : unlock match and group modes
$1.99 : unlock team customisation

Rogue Cats: The Kingdom of Meme

Take Grumpy Cat, OMG Cat, Maru and friends on an epic RPG adventure through the wonders and horrors of teh interwebs.

... visuals coming soon! ...

Upon accidentally meeting at KittyCon, the combined cuteness of our 3 web heros cause an overload in a beta of the new website they came to see.  The energy surge sees them sucked into the web itself.

Having been ingested into the internet itself the Rogue Cats must fight for survival, danger lurks around every corner… haters, trolls, cucumbers.

The only way to escape is to reach the The Kingdom of Meme.  Located at the Kingdom's heart is a mysterious device that has the power to bring the Rogue Cats back home.

RELEASE: February 2018

$1.99 : unlock all characters
$1.99 : unlock all levels


Backer only game

Hexi is a brainteasing puzzle game that tests planning and spacial awareness.  Players are tasked with scoring as many points as they can before they can no longer make a move.

Hexi centers around placing a hexagonal pieces on a hexagonal board.  If players complete a row in any of the three directions, those pieces will be removed, with points scored for every piece removed.

There are row bonuses around the board, clear a row with a bonus at the end and even more pieces will be removed - these could involve massive chain reactions. There are also piece bonuses, place those anywhere on the board to see multiple pieces removed instantly.

There will be high scores tables via game centre, and players will be able to share their scores with others.  And don’t forget, only Kickstarter backers and the lucky few they have invited will be able to play the game - everyone else will just have to watch, and hope they get an invite code!

RELEASE: March 2018

PRICE: $999.99

Super Golf

Super Golf is a mobile reimagining of the classic golf sim.  It combines one of the most addictive sports game mechanics, with quick fire gameplay and pixel graphics.

... visuals coming soon! ...

Super Golf has simple controls; choose your club, check the wind, take aim and time your swing to play your shot.  Get them right and you could sink a 200 yard drive or insane putt, and experience one of the most satisfying gaming sensations out there.

Varied lies, trees, bunkers, water and undulating greens will all test your preparation and shot execution.  

Super Golf will feature multiple courses, from 3 holes up to 18.  There will also be a selection of equipment upgrades, earned by progressively mastering the game.

RELEASE: April 2018

$0.99 : unlock course 1
$0.99 : unlock course 2
$0.99 : unlock course 3
$0.99 : unlock course 4
$0.99 : unlock course 5
$0.99 : unlock course 6
$3.99 : unlock all courses (including updates)
$1.99 : unlock all equipment

Undead Redemption

Zombies get a bad wrap, don't they deserve a second chance?  In Undead Redemption, it is your task to save, not destroy, the mindless hoards.

... visuals coming soon! ...

Each level sees a group of zombies rise from the dead, and it is your job to guide a them to salvation.  This is done by assigning them skills to direct their (or others') previously mindless meanderings.  You can also apply skills to manipulate objects in their environment.

Attributes that can be assigned to zombies include; blocking or redirecting others, pushing or breaking objects, turning clockwise/anti-clockwise when obstructed and more.

To complete each level, you need save a specified number of zombies.  You are against the clock, and there will be obstacles in your way.  Game levels become available sequentially, completing one will unlock the next.

RELEASE: May 2018

$1.99 : remove ads
$1.99 : unlock all levels

Pathogen Breach

Pathosis is a quick fire test of skill and reaction speed, as players try to keep the world safe from a deadly mutating virus.

Play involves an ever growing blob of virus, which must be stopped from breaching the infection zone for as long as possible.  The virus is made up of varied colours and is constantly rotating.

Players have a selection of coloured lazers at their disposal, which can destroy related cells of the virus.  They can switch between lazers at any time, firing them at the correct time to eliminate cells.  Hitting the wrong cell will only see the virus grow.

There are bonuses and special moves thrown in, and in classic arcade style, players battle to progressively beat their high score.

RELEASE: July 2018

$2.99 : remove ads

Nano Rally 2

Nano Rally 2 is the sequel to the original top 10 iOS game, where players drive miniaturised rally cars around fun household environments.

Nano rally will include 20 fantastic new tracks and improved car customisation.  It will also see the introduction of many new obstacles, including interactive ones such as boosts, oil, rotating platforms and more.

For the uninitiated, the aim of each level is to race your heart out and post the top time vs your computerised opponents. The top 3 opponent times are show as ghosts on the track, so you always know where you stand. 

There are 3 game modes. Single Race, Arcade (where players must win each level to reach the next), Championship (where player try to top a cumulative league table over all levels).

RELEASE: August 2018

PRICE: $2.99


Astro is multiplayer trading and space station sim game.  Architect your own space station, perfecting it to produce a variety of tradable products, while piloting your fleet out in to the endless realms of space, visiting and trading with others players.

Space stations are composed of multiple modules, each playing a role in maintenance, staffing and production.  Well maintained, happily staffed, stations produce high quantities of tradable commodities.  Modules can be purchased with in game currency, Astronium, with some also requiring raw materials.

Players also have trading ships at their disposal.  Stock them up with the output of your station, and head out into space for trade with other players.  Set your own price in Galaxium for your products, and strike custom deals with other players.  Likewise, other players may visit your station at any time.

Skilled players will steadily utilise dozens of station modules, hundreds of different products and assorted trading ship upgrades, to build a big and beautiful station and fleet.  It will be challenging to manage, but will be the envy of all your space trading visitors.

RELEASE: September 2018

$0.99 : 750 Astronium.
$1.99 : 2000 Astronium.
$3.99 : 5000 Astronium.
$9.99 : 20000 Astronium.

Zombie Gridiron

Zombie Gridiron is an path drawing, football inspired, splat-fest.  Starting with a 1st down on your own 10 yard line, your task is to draw the paths your offensive zombies should take for each play.  The goal is to score as many touchdowns as you can.

In each play the hoards at your disposal will follow your plans to the letter, and you control one handoff or pass by your quarterback.  But beware, the opposition defence hits hard, and will dislodge arms, obliterate feet or knock legs right off. 

Collect power ups as you play, such as spare legs, hands, arms etc. they will be essential to how far you can go.  If yours have been bludgeoned off by some tasty tackles, just replace with them with ones you have picked up.

Clever plays, judicious use of spare body parts and some good passes will see your undead offence progress a long way.  You need to score as many touchdowns as you can before your quarterback’s head literally comes off.

RELEASE: October 2018

$1.99 : remove ads
$1.99 : unlock full game


“They are not so different", he said, over a siren far below and the falling rain "we are all linked by our prejudices, our desires, our actions. Non of which are bereft of consequences." He lifted his hands and studied the blood.  "I'm no less essential than them, our shared mortality sees to that".  He closed his eyes Riley watched his father die.

... visuals coming soon! ...

Transcendence is beautiful point and click game, full of wonderful characters, puzzles, adventure, woven into gripping story.  It is an exploration of life, death and the complex connectivity of human lives.  

It is played out via multiple characters, living seemingly independent lives that are distributed across time and place.  Each character’s world is rendered in a different graphic style, [each created by a different artist,].  However, as the game progresses, it becomes clear that they are not so separate.

The story begins with Riley witnessing his father's murder.  Devastated, Riley uncovers a strange tattoo on his father’s arm.  As he touches the ink, it lights up and transfers to his own arm.  Riley discovers he can transfer into the lives of others, some recognisable, some completely alien, as he attempts to solve the mystery of who killed his father and why.

RELEASE: November 2018

PRICE: $2.99


When each game is released we will contact all backers to let them know.  The games, and any in app purchases will be free for 48 hours, which will allow backers to download at no cost.

We have spoken to Apple. This is the only way they allow distribution of free apps in return for financial contributions outside of their system. Their rules dictate that developers cannot give away alternate versions, private unlock codes, or Apple promo codes in return for money (this includes kickstarter pledges).

This does mean a few dedicated people, who spy the games have launched, might get a free ride.  However we took the decision that this is better than run the risk of Apple rejecting the games outright and backers loosing out completely.

It will not be possible to download free versions of the games outside of this windows.


Much like the games, special content will be made free for the first 48 hours. During this time, backers will be able to unlock the content via an in app purchase that have been set to free.

After this 48 hr period the content will be set to $999.99

It will not be possible to unlock the special content after this initial window.


Pixamo is being started by Sauce Digital.  Sauce Digital has released over 20 games, with a combined 2 Million plus downloads, and a whopping 220 Million plus plays!

View all Sauce Digital games on iTunes

In addition to the several top 10s, we've also had numerous features in the Apple App Store. From inclusion to Staff Picks and What's Hot to inclusion in special features like Popular Puzzlers.

Our previous games are Killer Pool, Nano Rally, Snow Fight, Drover, Touch Soccer, Monkey Tennis, Space Balls, Amoebas, Line Rider, Suckers, Pinball Kid, Banjo Piranha and Microbots.


Primarily; coding, testing, art, audio
Secondarily; Kickstarter fees, credit card fees and reward fulfilment.



First and foremost, this Kickstarter is aimed at getting support from gamers. We are so excited about the potential of the games, and we think the more gamers that get involved, the better they will be.

Sponsors or brands.

We have included several sponsorship rewards.  Free to download games are an away to reach customers - and in a more engaged way than a simple banner.  So what might these numbers be? We can't say for sure, so here are some real figures: in their first 12 months, Nano Rally Lite had 120,000 downloads, Killer Pool Lite got 330,000, and Snow Fight 187,000.


We want these games to be as successful as possible, so we want your input. They will be so much better with influence from real gamers and game designers, Kickstarter is a great way to get that.

Its a big undertaking, so frankly we need funds for development and design. We will be investing significant funds too, but with your help most, if not all, of these game won't get made.

We need help to test the games, and what better way to find engaged Beta testers than Kickstarter.

We also need you for a special purpose within Pixel Trader and Astro.  We need you to Introduce rare commodities into the games.  As Kickstarter backers, you will be the only ones who can create them, but everyone will need them!

But most importantly - to enjoy the final products, otherwise what's the point!


We hope that this Kickstarter will set Pixamo on the road to making many more games, above and beyond what is listed on this page.  

You will be instrumental in making this happen.


When will the games be released?

We plan to release the games over an 18 month period after successful funding. The first game is slated for release in October 2017.  The others will follow periodically up to November 2018

Why only iOS?

iOS is what we do.  We have released a dozen games for this platform, so know what it takes.  Working with a medium we know lets us move quickly, and build better gaming experiences.

Will the games still be made if the Kickstarter fails to reach its target?

Unfortunately no, we don't have the budget.

Will there be more games?

If the Kickstarter is successful then yes!  You will have successfully gotten Pixamo of the ground, and the funds earned from the first 12 games will be put back into making more.


There is a risk that we don’t deliver some of the games on time.  However, we are pretty sure we've got our estimates right, we have made many games before so know what it takes to deliver.

There is also a risk that Apple rejects one of the games. However, this is unlikely and we can probably tweak a few things at their request to get it into the store. We have contacts at Apple, and the first thing we will do after successful campaign to get them to take a look at the concepts to give us any tips before we start – but historically we’ve always been fine and their usual response is “We can't wait to play it!”.

Prices listed may occasionally change for promotional purposes, but will remain as listed for at least 95% of the time.

As explained above, the games will be distributed free for the first 48hrs, with a follow up 24hr window.  This is the only way To stay within Apple rules. There is a risk that backers might miss this window.  If you are uncomfortable with this, this might not be for you.

The specifics of the games listed in our pitch may change during development and backer Beta testing.  These tweaks will usually be to make improvements to the game, and we will try to keep them to a minimum.  There is a chance the names may have to change if Apple says the name is not available.

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