PITAKA - Redefine Carbon Fiber Wallet
PITAKA - Redefine Carbon Fiber Wallet

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About this project


PITAKA New Wallet is the latest generation of carbon fiber wallet and a major breakthrough in solving the problems associated with using magnetic hinges whilst protecting legacy magnetic stripe cards. 

Made from 100% carbon fiber, PITAKA New Wallet is slim, strong and stylish. It is time to get rid of the bulky and inconvenient wallet and show off your PITAKA Wallet!


PITAKA New Wallet is designed with 6 modules, and it can take up to 10 cards and also your daily essentials like cash, keys, coins, sd cards, and much more. No matter what you need to bring, build your own wallet for that!


The modules are connected by strong magnets. It is super easy to open and allows you to access the cards within seconds. 


No matter it is a chip card or a stripe one, PITAKA New Wallet will keep all your cards secure and safe with RFID-Blocking and the Anti-Degaussing module.


PITAKA on Media:


Digitaltrends:  " If you’re looking to stand out and make a statement with what’s in your pocket, the Pitaka may be the wallet for you. "

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Thegadgetflow: " PITAKA New: Fresh Carbon Fiber Take On An Old Essential. "

UltraLinx: " The PITAKA New Wallet May Just Be The Most Useful Wallet You Own. "

Techaeris: " PITAKA review: An updated stylish modular carbon fiber wallet hits Kickstarter. "

Geardiary: " PITAKA New Wallet: A Fast Access Magnetic Modular Carbon Fiber Wallet. "

Unfinishedman: " Taking carbon fiber wallets to a whole new level. "

Bestslimwallet:" New Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet. "

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