Pilot Season's here! Put THE TWO ESSENCES Pilot on Netflix!
Pilot Season's here! Put THE TWO ESSENCES Pilot on Netflix!

This project has already launched.

ABOUT THE TWO ESSENCES © (Genre: TV Sitcom) Logline:

Essence Chamberlain-Dubois is a free spirit, snazzy, 38 year-old self-taught freelance Day Trader and part-time housewife with three children, who decides to go back to school to pursue a degree in business at a black school where her 18 years old self-centered deaf daughter, Zoë Essence, also known as Essie, is also attending.

This is a story about a first and second generations mixed race Deaf and Hearing family that has never been told anywhere before on mainstream television. We hope you will help us raise the funds to produce the pilot in the fall of 2017.

The Production budget is $50,000 to shoot 6 episodes. We will raise the first part for $25,000 and the second part for $25,000. The third part is for $25,000, which is for postproduction. We will focus on the first two and raise the rest for postproduction later. The fund is primarily to finance our production costs. $50,000 does not include post production, but it will cover the things we need right now, like lighting equipment, legally necessary permits and production insurance, cameras, memory cards, hard drives, gasoline, car rental, lodging, feeding cast and crew. Creating the look of the shows are expensive!


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