Pillsy - The First Smart Pill Bottle
Pillsy - The First Smart Pill Bottle

Pillsy makes it easy to remember and track your pills. You can use Pillsy for yourself or to take care of your family.

“A smart pill bottle that tracks doses and sends reminders” - TechCrunch



We’re offering our pre-launch backerssome great deals, including 50% off and the chance to win FREE product. In addition, our first backers will receive FREE lifetime access to the Pillsy Premium software upgrade ($120/year value). Join the pre-launch list at Pillsy.com to get access to the best deals we will ever offer. 



If you’re like most people, you have a couple of vitamins or medications. And unless you’re really weird, you don’t take them perfectly on schedule all the time.

In fact, most people only take their prescriptions correctly about 50% of the time, a problem that costs 125,000 lives and hundreds of billions in unnecessary health expensese each year.

But it’s not our fault; humans evolved to hunt mastadons and reproduce, not remember mundane, repetitive things like taking pills. It’s taken awhile but behavioral scientists have developed techniques to help people learn how to manage this type of stuff. That’s where Pillsy comes in .



Pillsy is like having a personal assistant for your pills that uses priniciples of behavioral science to learn how to manage your pills. The product itself is a smart pill bottle that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. Pillsy keeps track of your schedule for you and sends intelligent reminders when you forget. It will also send you warnings if you are about to double-dose. Finally, Pillsy can help you take care of a loved one, even if they live far away.



The smart pill cap stores your schedule and syncs to the app whenever you’re in range. If you forget, it will beep and blink, and the app will send notifications or text messages. If you open the container, Pillsy will record it for you and you can go about your day. All of this happens automatically; you can always open your app to see your history, but you don’t need to for Pillsy to work.

Getting setup is easy and can be done in 1-2 minutes. The smart pill cap has a 1-year battery life. The battery is replaceable so you can use Pillsy for years. 



Our team has experience developing mobile and Bluetooth-based wearable products at companies like Microsoft, Fitbit, Jawbone, Nokia, MIT Lincoln Lab and other startups. We’ve used our experience to make sure that Pillsy is a great. 



We’ve already been working on Pillsy for over two years, with beta testers that have been using the product for over 1-year. We’ll be ready to start shipping to customers in April or May of this year. 



Does it fit child-resistant vials?

Yes, our smart pill cap fits the most common vial used for prescription drugs. This is same vial used by Walgreens.


Can I use Pillsy for vitamins?

You bet. We’ve got a bottle that’s designed specifically for vitamins too.


How many sizes and shapes do you have?

We are launching with two types of caps. One fits child-resistant vials. The other is a standard twist-off cap commonly found on vitamins.


I’m worried about accidentially double-dosing. Can Pillsy help?

Yep. We keep track of your schedule. The smart pill bottle will make a special beeping sound and blink if it thinks you are about to double-dose.


What if I lose it?

You can use the app to find your lost pills, similar to Tile and Trackr.


How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts over 1-year in normal use conditions. You can replace it when your done with another coin cell battery.


Can I set multiple alarms per day?

Yep. You can have an unlimited number of alarms.


Can I use more than one smart pill bottle with the app?

Yes. You can connect to up to 100 bottles at a time.


What is included in the Pillsy Premium software package?

Our Premium package includes sharing with family, SMS notifications, and some other really cool features we’ll be announcing in a few months. Premium will be free to our first customers. After that it will cost $10/month.


Why is this better than a medication dispenser?

People have many different types of habits for taking medications. There is not one way that works for everybody, just like there is no single type of magical pill to cure every type of disease. Pillsy is really great for people who take less than 10 medications. Other types of products may work better for certain types of people, depending on their needs and preferences.


I’d like to give Pillsy to a relative, but they don’t use a smartphone (or they don’t use a smartphone well). What should I do?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with a Pillsy Hub that comes with your smart pill bottles. This is essentially an Android-based device that can be left in their home to relay their data to the cloud. Our hub can be connected WiFi or cellular. We can provide SIM Cards and discounted rates on data. If you’d like to later, you can repurpose the Android device for whatever you’d like.


I want to use Pillsy for my healthcare practice. Can I do that?

Absolutely. Contact us to for more information at info@pillsy.com. We have software for healthcare providers too.


This is cool, but what’s next?

This is just the beginning. We have some other cool features (and products) planned. Join the list to get notified.


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