PillowWinks - Fun, Flirty, Throw Pillows
PillowWinks - Fun, Flirty, Throw Pillows





What Is a PillowWink?

The PillowWink is a canvas throw pillow with a flirtatious phrase like “Let’s Make Out” and “Be Nice or Leave” printed on them.  A PillowWink is the ultimate subtle message medium for the bedroom, lounge or dorm room!  

The pillows are made from a heavy canvas and the graphics are screen printed on. They are made to a standard 16”x16” square  size. The covers have a hidden zipper along the bottom edge which allows a pillow form insert to be removed and the cover to be washed as needed.



The Story

New technology has given today’s singles new ways to flirt. From instant messages, to text messages, to the Facebook wall to online dating profiles, there have never been more ways to get the attention of a prospective date with digital devices. College students and singles in their 20s and 30s are used to having an array of visual quips at their disposal – jokes, memes and emoticons.  That’s something the analog world hasn’t been able to provide them – until now.

PillowWinks are the creative offspring of an idea evolved from shyness, introversion and playfulness.

The name PillowWinks is a bit of a play on words, it refers to the flirty wink you’d give someone you like, to send a signal of a joke, affection or obviousness -- but it’s also a reference to ‘pillow ink’, using your pillow as a way to send a message by means of the written language.   A PillowWink is a sure thing when it comes to breaking ice, being a conversation starter or making you or your guests smirk, smile or smooch.



Help Us Make It Happen

The project needs your help to get it off the ground and overcoming the manufacturer MOQ’s and set-up costs. At the moment the project has 8 pillow phrases set-up for immediate production and a continually growing list of phrases to go!  

$5000 – This is our number, this is what it will take to produce 5 different phrased PillowWinks. We will have the ability to meet the lowest level MOQ’s for the first inventory set to be featured as the opening product line which will be available through our online and other boutique shops (fingers crossed!).

For every extra $1500 beyond the goal we can add 2 more pillow phrases and order the inventory!  

The first set will consist of 5 phrases still to be decided upon!


KickStarter Coming Early 2014!


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