PIL Project 2.0. Russia
PIL Project 2.0. Russia

This project has already launched.

PIL Project (PIL) sets out to delve forward into the political value of its growing memes collection, following from the previous incarnation in 2015, hosted at the Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design. Through the acquisition process one particular meme caught the team’s attention, The Putin Rides meme, which pushed the team to investigate further into the politics of Russia and the Internet, and how the implementation of the countries recent Internet content law had affected artists operating on the net.

Travelling to Russia and contacting several local artist groups and galleries in the Moscow area, the PIL team conducted interviews with these parties to attain a first-hand account of this new Internet legislation and its implications on the artistic practice. What will manifest for this next chapter in PIL Project is an exhibition with two invited artists from Russia, and will react to PIL’s meme collection.

The exhibition and events surrounding will serve to present the research findings undertaken while in Russia and will examine the effects of control and surveillance, and the dystopia of Internet freedom.

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