PigaONE - Barefoot, but better
PigaONE - Barefoot, but better

PigaONE is the world's first minimalist foot support gear for barefoot sports.

PigaONE© came to fruition after two years of research, development, and experimentation with a team of experts to create the PostureForceTM technology. The dual-action design provides robust plantar arch-support based on innovative approaches in the field of biomechanics and proprioception. (PostureForceTM technology is patent-pending). 

The built-in technology improves the body’s innate ability to engage postural reflexes during barefoot activities like yoga, pilates or mixed martial arts. Wearing PigaONE© aligns and stabilizes the feet so that the internal muscles of the feet work and engage properly. This sensation is often pain-relieving for athletes.

The neuromuscular foot activation power of PigaONE© works by stimulating the plantar arch of the foot. Nerve endings in this part of the foot are responsible for transmitting stimuli to the brain. The stimulation provided by PigaONE© readjusts the body’s intrinsic balance system, improving posture and modifying the center of gravity to an optimal position.

A clinical trial proved that PigaONE© enhanced pressure points in the feet, as well as the center of gravity. It resulted in improved balance and optimal posture in 90% of participants.

  • Minimalist design provides support and free range of movement
  • Pressure point stimulation improves balance and center of gravity
  • Biomechanical alignment straightens posture
  • Compression reduces fatigue and improves blood flow to your feet
  • Non-skid sole enhances weight-bearing points and is safe for use in water
  • German-engineered fabric is ultra-breathable, wicks away moisture
  • High-density material is machine washable



The story started with Sandra, PigaONE©’s founder, and dedicated ambassador. Sandra tried just about every barefoot activation system to heal her sore feet and improve her pilates practice. But with sweaty feet, heavy legs and plantar fasciitis, she couldn’t find any footwear that felt truly barefoot - so she invented it.

Sandra started in 2015 and spent the next 2 years developing PigaONE©. She and her team created 18 prototypes before they found the perfect design. Along the way, Sandra met Julie the podiatrist, and soon to be close friend. Together, Sandra and Julie developed the arch-support technology behind PigaONE©. The product has undergone rigorous product validation with yoga and pilates practitioners across North America.

Once the product was finished, Julie ran a clinical trial in 2016 with a small group of women to confirm the efficacy of PigaONE©. With the overwhelming success of the clinical trial helping 90% of participants, Julie and Sandra are now releasing PigaONE© to everyone!

PigaONE© is only the first of a series of revolutionary barefoot balance activation systems to be created by Sandra and Julie. They are currently actively developing two other products for barefoot athletes.


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