Pictino Wood Domino Puzzles
Pictino Wood Domino Puzzles

So, what is a Pictino™?? We start with arrays of blank natural wood dominoes made from sustainable American hardwoods. Precision cut and hand sanded smooth, many of our dominoes are made from wood scraps reclaimed from local cabinet shops here in the Pacific Northwest that would normally be thrown away or burned. 100% made and laser engraved in the USA, our dominoes are environmentally sensitive with absolutely NO PAINT, STAIN, VARNISH, LACQUER or any other sort of finish.

We arrange these natural wood dominoes into square and rectangular arrays as small as eight dominoes to as large as hundreds of dominoes; there is really no size limit. Once we have a blank domino array ready we prepare  artwork for the image to be laser engraved. Pictinos are designed to be personalized puzzles and we can engrave your puzzle with any graphic, text or photograph you want to use. They make unique, fabulous gifts.

At up to 600 dots-per-inch the detail is incredible and when laser engraved the natural wood grain and textures of the dominoes give each puzzle piece a unique 3D look - like snowflakes, no two puzzles are ever exactly alike.

Don't be misled by the relatively small number of pieces. Pictino™ puzzles can prove deceptively challenging to assemble and larger arrays can really be quite challenging, particularly if you choose a complex image. And, since you can engrave one image on one side of the domino array and a different image on the other side, when broken up and shuffled they can be insanely complicated to re-assemble.

We're finishing up the final details and our campaign is scheduled to go live in early May. We'll be offering a number of different sizes of Pictino puzzles as our campaign rewards so you can see them for yourself. We are really looking forward to bringing this new style of personalized puzzle into the world and we are hoping you'll check out our project and pledge your support to help us make it happen.




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