Pick & Pow :  Empowering start-ups
Pick & Pow : Empowering start-ups

Empower an innovative start-up product by giving it time!


Let's pitch !

Based on the need for startups to generate visibility, feedback and boosted sales to efficiently grow, Pick & Pow is a platform introducing innovative products to early adopters, giving the startups the opportunity to be empowered by the correct targeted market.

We classified these products in 4 categories :

  • Smart : Disruptive tech products making your life easier and seamless.
  • Music : Innovation meets musical artefacts & instruments. 
  • Ecology : Green innovative products with impactful vision. 
  • Design/Art : Groundbreaking work of designers & artists pushing the boundaries of creativity. 

 Pick & Pow is also a resourceful online magazine with insightful articles, interviews, as well as documentaries, about all upcoming innovative ideas and trends.

Affiliation model

Through an affiliation model established with innovative startups, we select and display their latest and most impactful products. We built Pick&Pow to link early adopters and other innovation-oriented users to these new products. For every product you like, you’ll be able to visit its e-shop to buy and empower it !

Tick tock, tick tock...

Every product on our platform has a lifespan, visible through a countdown on its page. Each time a Pick&Pow user visits the product website, or shares it with his friends, we add extra hours to the project lifespan.

For visiting the startup website : 12 extra hours

For sharing the product with friends : 24 extra hours

-> Members are indeed empowering the products by allowing them to stay visible on the website, and by providing feedback.

I'm a winner !

Yes, YOU really are ! To thank you for the incredible help you’re providing to startups, we decided to share our commissions with you. What ?! What do you mean ? We give away a piece of the cake in the form of permanent discounts ! And last but not least, you’ll have the privilege of joining the first “innovation 1st” community.



Today, an aggressive number of startups are founded around a physical product to sell. The simple fact that people take the risk to start up should be enough to unveil their project.

However, with technology moving at an exponentially faster pace, people don’t have the time to hear about and discover all innovative projects, especially those lacking online visibility. Therefore, in addition to bringing awareness on today’s coolest & most impactful innovations, our main goal is to help startups to gain visibility, feedback and sales: to be empowered.

On the other hand, part of our objective is to counteract complex and discriminating marketplace that only highlights popular products. We want to design a new way to introduce new products to early adopters, by focusing on the ones with real innovation impact and by showcasing all available products, not just the popular ones.


STARTUPS: Startups display their new products on a dedicated platform, and get to target early adopters. Moreover, startups will have access to a private network in order to share concerns, solutions and discuss smart partnerships with other startups.

USER: In addition to the permanent discounts, the user will be able to create an account in our innovation district; a community of innovators eager to connect with each others, share ideas, trends and updates around Innovation.

Our Pick & Pow magazine will offer readers carefully curated content and entertaining videos on upcoming ideas and latest trends.


 Since we started the Pick&Pow adventure, we wanted to show people that innovation is as extremely interesting and relevant as cool ! Thus, we created an Innovation Vlog (youtube channel) where we release entertaining and unconventional videos presenting cool products !

Today, we need you guys to allow us (Alex, Hilaire and Lina) to continue our great project and empower it ;)

Started from scratch on our student loans, we now need to finalize the UX/UI and construction of our platform to launch in September.

What will you do if backers go above 3500€? Well, that would be incredibly promising! Your humbling extra help will allow us to invest more in online marketing/communication and maybe join a coworking place to create more synergies with other innovators !



P&P started in Barcelona with two friends : Hilaire, the cheese & wine lover from France, and Alex, the tequila & burritos lover from Mexico. The co-founders currently live in Barcelona, and are both passionated by entrepreneurship and cool innovative products. A perfect match !

Recently, another Frenchie joined the adventure: Lina Lahrache, helping us with our marketing and growth efforts.



Pick & Pow faces three exciting challenges : 

- Finding increasingly more innovative products in order to match the early adopters frantic desire for innovation ! 

- Keep collaborating with influential bloggers & journalists, and publish relevant content aligned with our users interest.

- Hiring a talented full-stack developer to keep on improving the platform, and your experience on it.

Just like all the startups around us, we grow and thrive in a risky environment !

Our main risk is to not gather enough users and partners on the platform.


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