Pi Studios Crowdfunding
Pi Studios Crowdfunding

Quick Summary

  • Hello, we are PiStudios- a small team of young & dedicated indie game developers, and IT techs.
  • Our philosophy is that we will make quality games for affordable prices
  • We need funding to reach our goal.
  • Your contribution will help us get the equipment we need to get Pi Studios started on a good note.
  • A quote from  Minh D. Tran "Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details. " We agree with that quote- we will have detailed games, although they wont have unneeded amounts of special effects, sound, and other smaller things


What We Need & Why

This is a breakdown of what we need and why we need it

  • We need money to purchase equipment & software.
  • Your contribution will lessen the costs associated with our startup, so we can get making faster.
  • The donations you provide will also help with the payment of our employees.
  • The support you give will help us expand and get advertising on popular websites.

The Impact

  • We are going to provide everybody with quality games at a price that anyone can afford.
  • All the projects PiNET have been successful in one or more ways
  • We are people too- and we understand that nothing is perfect- let's shoot for the stars, and achieve near perfection.


We completely acknowledge that there will be risks and challenges to overcome- but we have knowledge on our side.

  • We know that we may need advertising to get our name out- so we will dedicate a portion of the funds raised to advertising
  • We also understand that development isn't always easy, but we are dedicated to this goal- and will not give up

Other Ways You Can Help

We appreciate all the help we can get.

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.
  • Please help us by sharing this campaign with your friends and family

And that's a wrap!

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