Photonic Male Makeup & Dynamic Skincare For Men
Photonic Male Makeup & Dynamic Skincare For Men

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Welcome to Formen

Challenge and redefine traditional ideas, feel comfortable and confident in the your skin. With limited options on the market today, men struggle finding products that actually address our most common concerns.

A new approach to men's grooming


The best product you can have is, clear, healthy, glowing skin. This campaign introduces a new skincare system that introduces men to the benefits of skincare and the power of makeup, all while helping them correct common concerns. 

Three products that have never been to market, we formulated a male facial wash, an anti-aging moisturizer, and totally re-engineered the CC Cream that will blow minds.

Corrective Skincare




 Vitamin C Facial Wash

Our Vitamin C Facial Wash is perfect for morning and night. Whether you want to jump start your day or refresh your face after a long day at work, this product will cleanse the skin, remove impurities, and deliver powerful nutrients to help correct dark spots, discoloration, and signs of aging.

Made in Canada with natural ingredients this wash has hints of cedar wood and lime. We formulated it with the next generation of clean green cleaning agents, so both your face and the environment will love you.


 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer

After having washed your face, it is important to use a moisturizer. This step in our skincare system restores your skin's natural moisture barrier and locks in nutrients all while combating the signs of aging. 


 CC Cream

We took the idea of our popular CC Cream and spun it around to make it killer. Adding all sorts of cool stuff, like photonic properties, our new CC will come in a new, universal shade and will help direct light, frankly, to make you appear better looking. 

This color Correcting Cream, is a hybrid of skincare and male makeup. With 6 benefits it comes out of the bottle white - but when it contacts skin it changes color. Whaaa?? Crazy, if you ask us. 


Everyday we are exposed to environmental stressors and toxins that do so much damage to our skin. The last thing we want is to wash our face with something just as bad. That is why Formen's made with natural ingridients and paraben free. And we're cruelty free too!

We just need your support!


Four years ago we set out with an idea and got our feet wet, three years ago we failed, and two years ago, when Andrew was 23 things started to jive.

A little luck got us meetings with some of North America's leading skincare and cosmetics manufacturers - the same guys that produce those creams that make ladies empty their entire piggy banks on. Having full access to a multi-million dollar lab, our products were formulated by awesome folk who know a thing or two about skin.

The graphics below are based on CAD dollars:



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