Make your Phone into a Lab

Smartphones are computers that come packed with sensors. They can log and display data in real time using our FREE web apps.  Phones are inherently more capable of supporting school science experiments than most  school lab instruments.

What kids have to say

" Much Better way of Learing "

" a hands on program that shows how these concepts work, which provides insights into how it works, instead of reading from textbooks "

"  this approach is great for learning physics, because you can see it happening on screen "

" phonelabs apps are a cool apps "

Kids often don't see the connection between what they are learning to real life. Many find science too abstract despite the good efforts of teachers in explaining its relevance through science experiments. PhoneLabs is designed to change this, by opening up the world to experimentation. PhoneLabs puts the learner in charge of their learning - using our open source web apps and 3D printed Lab kits

3D Print your Lab kit

With parts that cost than 10$ you can create with a ruler and 3D printed parts a basic Mechanics Lab.

We will provide a free PDF copy of this at launch for those who signup here.

Let's use phones

Standardized Lab practicums now being practiced religiously in most schools were invented in the Victorian era. These routinized rituals were meant to connect the world of theory and practice. Though this method may have suited the educational ideology of Victorian times, it is out of sync with current learning and research practices. It is known that routinized experiments do not contribute to greater engagement or deeper learning - mainly because the learner is not in charge.

The world will soon be your Lab

By empowering kids to carry out their own experiments we bring them closer to understanding the laws of science that govern the real world. So that they dont' ask us the question  - "Why are we learning this ?"

We will be launching an IndieGoGo campaign soon to put our lab kits in the hands of our supporters. We wish to change the way STEM is taught by bringing about  real-world engagement, making the best use of 3D printing and powerful high-quality lab equipment that kids love and cherish - their phone.

We count on your support to make this happen.

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