The new Phenix Grill creates a new, full sensitive, elegant experience.

It´s a new way to cook you food without fumes nor fats.

The product is made using aerospace technology, with high quality stainless steel. This material is cut with an improved combination of laser and water, to guarantee it doesn´t vary any of it´s antioxidation and anticorrosion properties throughout time.

The combination of the high tech precision and the the experience of the blacksmith results in an amazing, unrepeatable piece of art.

The Phenix Grill works flambing your meat or fish on burning brandy, the result is very aromatic and very tasty.

The flambé caresses your food, doing it slowly while respecting its original flavours filling it with delicate nuances of flowers, mixed spices, nutmeg and blanched fennel.



Designed & Made with Passion in Seville

Phenix Premium Grill

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