Petzval lens for movie cameras with PL mount
Petzval lens for movie cameras with PL mount

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Hello again, Kickstarters!

 I'm Denys Ivanichek and I'd like to welcome you to my third Kickstarter project.

With  the support of the Kickstarter community and fellow photographers, we have built two lenses already: Petzvar version one, a shutterless 120mm f/3.8 lens that is available in Pentacon Six, Hasselblad V, Mamiya 645 and Pentax 645 mounts, and the Petzvar version two, a 120mm f/4 lens built around vintage V-mount C lenses with an integrated Synchro Compur shutter for Hasselblad 500 and 200 series cameras.

To see more images taken with both versions of the Petzvar lens , please, take a look here:

What is the Petzvar?

As I described in my previous project descriptions, the Petzvar lens uses a genuine Petzval scheme: two achromatic groups of elements. This classic design has not been redesigned, or improved and it retains the design's inherent flaws and imperfections - we prefer to call this character. The Petzvar lens was designed primarily as a portraiture lens, but it can be used as a pictorial lens for landscape photography as well, as stopping down reduces the Petzval design's inherent wide-open characteristics, while increasing contrast and sharpness. The optical configuration of the Peztvar 120/3.8 and the NEW Petzvar 105/3.2  is exactly the same as one you probably have seen already on antique drawings like this one:

And this antique lens is encased in convenient aluminum body with focusing helicoid and ten leaf iris aperture:

Years ago, when I was building my first lens prototypes, my goal wasn't to pursue the creation of the sharpest lens ever made. No, I wanted to create a lens completely different from the modern lenses we see from any number of manufacturers today.

I wanted to create a lens that would produce an image resembling the kinds of images we saw in the first years of photographic era. I wanted to produce a lens that would be unique for our time.

By today's standards, this primitive design can't compete with or be compared with modern lenses in any respect. It has lots of known optical flaws, which are corrected in the contemporary lens schemes.

But it's those imperfections which are exactly what makes the Petzvar such a fun lens to use. It creates a feeling completely missing from lenses designed today, it is unpredictable and absolutely bursting with its own character.

What am I offering this time and why I need your support

The lens has uncorrected chromatic aberrations that makes it somewhat soft. Highlights "glow" and the skin appears velvet like.

All lenses from my previous projects were made with uncoated optical elements. I made that choice in order to pursue my goal to keep the lens as close to antique petzvals as it can be.

Making coated lens was in my mind since the very beginning of the Petzvar project. With this, my third Kickstarter campaign, I would like to introduce you to my new lens, the C Petzvar 105/3.2, where "C" stands for "Coated".

This lens will have a positive lock mount, or PL mount, allowing the lens to be used with movie cameras such as Arriflex, and digital video cameras such as Arri Alexa and other cameras which can use the PL mount. 

  To make the lens more convenient for videography, the C Petzvar 105/3.2 lens comes equipped with follow focus gear and  de-clicked aperture control ring.

 This lens was primarily designed for medium format photography and therefore can be used on cameras with a smaller sensor size. The most swirly outer part of the image will be cropped.

 Whilst the C Petzvar 105/3.2 will use many similar components to the current version one and version two lenses, some modification and new tooling will still be necessary. Also, I need your support to order new tooling for the lens elements of the C Petzvar 105/3.2.

About the rewards for your support 

  Since this is not my first Kickstarter project, as a rewards for your pledges I am also offering the original version one and two Petzvar lenses as part of this campaign.

If you missed your opportunity last time, or the time before, you can order them right here.

As there are now three lenses, all sharing the same name, I have provided a quick overview for you below to make your selection process less confusing:

1.     Petzvar 3.8/120 with Pentacon Six mount

  This lens if for medium format cameras with P6 bayonet mount such as Pentacon Six, Praktisix, Exacta 66, Kiev 60 ( or 6C), Kiev 88 CM or other cameras with the appropriate adapters.

More information about this lens can be found here:

  2.  Petzvar 3.8/120 with Hasselblad V mount (shutterless)

This lens is for Hasselblad cameras of 200 and 2000 series wich have a focal plane shutter. This lens is shutterless and therefore it can't be used on 500 series cameras.  As with the P6 version above, this lens may be mounted on other (focal plane shutter) cameras with a suitable adapter. 

3.  Petzvar 3.8/120 with Pentax 645 mount

This lens is for Pentax 645 mount cameras. It can be mounted on film cameras and digital as well. Like all of our other lenses, this lens is entirely manual and won't autofocus. Also, there is no electric connection to the camera body.

4.   Petzvar 3.8/120 with Mamiya 645 mount

This lens is for Mamiya 645 mount cameras. It can be mounted on film cameras and digital as well. Like all of our other lenses, this lens is entirely manual and won't autofocus. Also, there is no electric connection to the camera body.

5.   C Petzvar 3.2/105 with PL mount

This is the C Petzvar 3.2/105 coated lens for cameras with PL mount, the new lens that I hope you will help me to build this time! 

6.   The Petzvar 4/120 with Synchro-Compur shutter for Hasselblad 500 series.

This is the Petzvar 4/120 in Synchro-Compur shutter. This lens can be used on 500, 200 and 2000 series Hasselblad cameras, or other cameras with suitable adapter. Please, note, when the lenses with internal central leaf shutter are mounted on focal plane shutter cameras, the camera is should be set to "C" mode and the fastest shutter speed available (used the lens shutter) will be 1/500 sec. 

  You can find more information about this lens here:


Risks and challenges

There are always a risk of unforeseen supply issues, or delays involved with manufacture or shipping. I gained valuable experience whilst delivering my first two Kickstarter projects.

You can be certain that just like my other projects, all rewards to project backers will be fulfilled and I will tirelessly work to deliver this lens to each and every backer!

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