Petuzzle Card Game
Petuzzle Card Game

Petuzzle is an app that was designed years ago by three young sisters eager to create an interests for their little brother who is developmentally delayed and has autism. He was very apprehensive and would tense up when around pets. Amazingly with the work they have done with him over the years, he now will touch and rub a dog or cat. The game showcases a child's (or man's if you prefer :) best friend, our dogs and cats. Petuzzle has been downloaded hundreds of times by loving pet owners from the Apple and Google Play Stores. Well, the sisters feel now it's time for a new game and running upgrade.

Keeping in line with the original purpose of the app, we are creating a very Special and Unique 3 in 1 Petuzzle Card Game that will give kids hours of entertainment and fun for all ages and you adults too.

What makes this Petuzzle Card Game, 3 in 1 especially amazing is that the cards will be created using the actual dog and cat photos from many of our Kickstarter backers. That's right, your dog or cat can become an instant "Super Star" and who knows where that may lead to... "hint hint; the big screen perhaps".


We absolutely want to bring as many of our backers fully into this project by being a part of it completely.

The card game will consist of:

  • 50 cards using 25 different pets
  • Two copies of 12 dogs and 12 cats. Hmmmm, but wait that's only 48 cards.
  • You're right and the final card / pet will be determined by our one Mega Backer. Their cat or dog will make up that 25th pet.

How the game(s) is played:

  1. Game One - Beginning from the age of 2-6: It's a matching game! Place all the cards, face down and take turns matching the special felines or pedigrees.
  2. Game Two - From age 4-10: It's a Uno type game where kids will be dealt a few card and play according to the symbols on the cards.
  3. Game Three - From ages 9 and up: It's a game of twists and turns as we add dice and some pet tags as chips to the card game offering additional challenges.
  4. Ages given are just for reference purposes as I'm *cough cough* and I still play matching cards games. This game offers fun for all ages, it is family friendly, inducive of quality family time and can be used for many other creative purposes.

So here's how you can help. By contributing to this Kickstarter, regardless if you are the mega backer or one of the future owners of Super Star pets, your child will adore this game as we all know they adore pets period.

Any pledge is appreciated as we have some very creative rewards. The app that is available now will be updated to reflect the new game and pet images. Now should we surpass this goal, we will add some exciting surprise stretch goals.

Can't Pledge... you can still help. Even if you can't pledge, sharing this Petuzzle Card Game, 3 in 1 campaign on your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler... any social media page, though emails too, would be such a great help. Don't forget Reddit, I hear their reach is huge if they like the product.

Wondering how we can create such an awesome game for only $500 bucks? Well, we really can't with mass production. The way it's set up now is we can get an initial game produced and a few additional copies. As backers contribute, we can then go into mass production, otherwise it's on a per order basis which cost more to produce. We hope to super exceed our goal for some good reasons.

  • Our graphics person is so fantastic and has agreed to work with us on a contingency basis.
  • The original app developer has agreed to do at least some upgrades to the current app and should we reach specific stretch goals, we can get super fancy :)


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