Petrichor - The pleasant earthy smell after rain
Petrichor - The pleasant earthy smell after rain

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You're the breeze, you're the cloud, you're the sunshine touching the ground. You're the gleam in their eyes, when they cherish how the grass is green, and how the plants grow. You're the one making sure the water - and life - gets where it needs to go. If only you could stop the others from doing the same... As the rain clears, the humans sniff the air and gently smile. Knowing you've been there doing the good work. They call you... Petrichor.

Petrichor is an all new highly interactive game for 1-4 players, where players control clouds, vote on the weather, and rain on the fields to make their water grow the most plants! While the game is gentle in theme, the interaction is cut-throat, swift, and field-wateringly fun!

From the designer of ...and then we held hands and The Pursuit of Happiness, and the team behind Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 comes an exciting new and beautiful game, which is simple to learn, yet complex to master, plays in around 20 minutes per player, and guarantees fun for every season! 

Played over 6 rounds, the players take turns playing cards matching one of 4 weather types. Each card corresponds to an action that places and moves water droplets and clouds over the fields, occasionally triggering a rainfall. After carrying out the action, the players use the same cards to vote on the upcoming weather, which will be resolved at the end of the round, scoring valuable points for whoever went for the ones that emerged victorious. After certain turns a harvest will be triggered, where players score points based on who accumulated majority of water drops on the different fields. In these simple framework lies a highly interactive and deep game, as different fields score differently - thus their values shift from moment to moment, and due to the variable board setup no two games will ever be the same.

The game also comes with a highly immersive and fun solo mode!

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