Pet Alert Sign
Pet Alert Sign

The Pet Alert Sign will help keep your pets safe in an emergency by clearly alerting rescuers to the presence of pets in your home. Developed by a career fire fighter in conjunction with Trident Design  after being involved in multiple pet rescues and seeing a need for a more effective alert system.   

Over 500,000 pets a year are affected by fire and 40,000 perish, a remarkable number and that is in the U.S. alone. When seconds SAVE lives, you need Pet Alert Sign

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Why Pet Alert and not just a fire sticker

Stickers are very hard to see and easily overlooked in an emergency situation. Pet Alert Sign is highly visible due to its size, location, prominence and LED lights.

Sign will be updated and accurate with dated information and yearly sign insert shipments including updated photos and pet info.

Larger sign allows for more specific information about your pet including breed, size, potential locations, photos and more.

Pet Alert Sign is attractive, available in multiple finishes, and can be placed around the home to work in conjunction with landscaping, home design, and visibility.

Multiple Mounting Options

There is a stake mount, no damage brick and siding mounts, window mount, screw and suction cup available for adaptability to any home.


Future enhancements to the Pet Alert Sign could include

  • Connection to your alarm system or an internal hub that places your sign in alarm mode during an emergency (Flashing LED on the center top of the sign to further draw attention to it)
  • An integrated speaker that alerts rescuers with a custom message such as, Save My 2 Dogs, when triggered in alarm mode
  • Internal hub that not only puts the sign in alarm mode during an emergency but contacts you over wifi to your smart devices and/or can call 911 and let the dispatcher know of the situation and the pets in your home
  • Design your own sign for both your pets and other possible inserts and uses
  • Yearly subscription to provide a new most up to date sign that will improve sign clarity and provide the best information.

Other Uses

Multiple inserts can be used for directional signage, other warnings or home signage such as alarms systems or invisible fence indication.

The illuminated placard model can be used for address numbers or to house other home signs such as truss floor and roof warnings or generator placards as required by law.  Much more attractive than the plastic decals currently used (see examples below).

The technology could also be incorporated into lighted car displays.

Just open up the transparent cover to swap inserts.



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