PERSULE - Personal time capsule
PERSULE - Personal time capsule

Why Persule?

The name Persule was created by combining the words Personal Time Capsule, which reflect the nature of the application. It is a unique word that has not yet been assigned to another thing or an object, and by now we already associate it with our application.




Who is it for?

Persule is for all those who want to protect their data. People can accumulate photos, videos and texts in it, but also the goals, which can subsequently share on various social networks in protected mode or can send them into the future.




Where was the idea of the project Persule born?

There might not be a big debate about privacy and the need to have more control over the information that I share. Anyway, the idea of this project was established already during my study at university in Žilina.


In what is Persule different from other social networking sites?

I think I would not classify Persule to categories of typical social networks. I would call it rather a family diary of memories, goals and achievements. It differs mainly in a way of control of what I share. All social networks have in the basic setup of an account the sharing function sets as "public", while all information in Persule are always private until I decide to share them in other public social networks.



What will Persule bring to a person who will register?

After registration, the user receives immediate access to his time capsule with own hard disk and can fully use all its functions. He can preserve his memories, to establish and control his goals, send messages into the future, and more and more functions, which we are still expanding and innovating.


I fear Persule because of a potential loss of personal data

Persule uses all available elements of data protection, certificates etc. All data you enter to Persule are encrypted with formula that always know only two people (because of development). We collect the data in encrypted form in the database and in the case of theft of data we make their readability impossible for attackers. Persule is placed on our own servers in secure areas.


It is possible that a message will come to my friend after 10 years?

Of course, with proper settings of the function perfuture, message come at any time. We want constantly develop and operate Persule. However time is limited by human mortal, therefore we will educate new members of the team and the best of them will inherit portal management. The existence of the portal will of course depend on you, how intensively will be Persule used.



What will you do with gained money?

We want to buy new storages to our datacenter where will be more and more data accumulated. Moreover we have a plan to create a new application for Android and iOS which will be provided for free. 


What if in ten years there will be no e-mail communication? Where will the time message came for me?

We are constantly refining Persule, developing new functions and technologies. I can reveal a few innovations that are going to version no. 2.0. There will be functions as for example building a family tree, the timing of sending mail physically as a letter and other great functions. If the email is replaced by another form of communication, we will adapt. We are also working on the development of mobile application and we are also considering about the use of available forms of mobile communication.


Who is who

Martin Pechovsky (Founder)

Martin was born in 1988. He graduated from high school in 2007. In the same year he began to study at the University of Žilina, Computer Engineering. Although he did not finished the studies, he started his business career in 2010. Anyway he wanted to study again and started studying at Bank Institute College in Banska Bystrica. As the bussiness was runnig faster, Martin didn't have enough time to study and left the school again. He turned his full attention to the bussiness and to make his dreams come true. In 2010 he established the company MGROUP. Nowadays there work 13 wonderful people specialized for programming, webdesign and IT services. 







We want to educate students how to protect their data. 




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