Mobile Personal Covered Parking With Heating Elements
Mobile Personal Covered Parking With Heating Elements

A lot of us can relate to the frustrating challenge of finding the right parking spot at the office, mall, airport etc. And there is also the issue of meeting your car at the lot covered with an impossible layer of snow. Now, imagine a garage that is mobile and could be used as a personal parking spot everywhere you go, always protecting your vehicle from the effects of harsh weather conditions. That was what inspired me to make Nehtrin a reality.

Having a solar powered, secure and mobile parking spot is wonderful, but the best part is its protection system against extreme weather conditions. The personal covered parking units are equipped with heating elements to help quickly dissolve snow that might have covered your vehicle during winter. Furthermore, during the summer, it keeps your car from getting toasty.

• It is easy to use and can be remotely activated.

• It is equipped with anti-theft technology that is connected to you vehicle security.

• It is durable, lightweight and completely MOBILE.

• It is solar powered, does not require any external battery or charging equipment.

• It saves time.

• It is completely mobile, supported by four stands with rubber magnetic bases that firmly hold onto your vehicle.

• Its heating elements, automatically dissolves snow from your windshield and windows.

• Plus, it guarantees all-year-round protection!

After numerous research, calculations and engineering, I’ve finally come up with a working prototype but I can’t singlehandedly fund it’s commercial prototype.

Developing, patenting, and prototyping the product are expensive endeavors. I am asking for $12,000, which I cannot currently afford on my monthly income. Additionally, I do not want the current provisional patent to expire without introducing the product to the market.

I hope to get it out on the market soon so that consumers can start reaping its benefits! My product is a revolutionary game-changer for non-covered parking. No more will they have to shiver in the cold as they sweep the snow off their vehicle. No more will they have to brace themselves with the discomfort of a heated car during the summer. It is like having your own personal tree or garage wherever you go!

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