Periplo Project
Periplo Project

This project has already launched.

Taking nature at heart and camera in hand, a small crew journeys through Central America to document the effects of climate change.

PERIPLO (uncommon Spanish word for "journey with a purpose") is the name we have chosen for the project of shooting a feature documentary film we are currently embarking ourselves on.


Despite our colorful choice of communication, this film is meant to document the serious topic of how climate change is having an impact in the Central American region, mostly parts of the Corredor Secco (“Dry Corridor”) area of the subcontinent. Taking a look at the consequences climate change is having on people’s lives in the forms of continuously worsening droughts, floods, food crises and the constant instability of natural environments. We hope to raise awareness on the subject of climate change in this part of our world and inspire people to take action.

We are avoiding making a factual and informational film, as they usually end up attracting only those people who are already interested in the topics of climate change or the environment.  

Instead, we want to create a film from the people and for the people, a gift to humanity of some kind, by focusing on what we as creative individuals are good at: storytelling. By doing this we hope to inspire a positive change in the way people see and address the problem of climate change.

Right now the whole crew is together in the UK making the final preparations that need to be made before crossing the pond in December and begin getting ready to shoot at our first location: Panamá. 

We will be making our way north until we reach Guatemala, giving ourselves about 2 to 2 and 1/2 weeks at every country. Covering Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala our production time adds overall to approximately 4 months.

We are doing this because we feel part of a generation that carries a lot of responsibility, a generation that exists during a pivotal moment of human and natural history. Getting a job and following the standard social-economic ladder does not really mean the same to us now a days. It just feels like something that takes us away from doing what we know matters most.

You see, if you sit quietly at your desk while knowing that there are tons of new trash getting produced and dumped in the oceans, that the world’s last rhino stands on his own in the African savannah, that the tigers are starving and polar bears drowning. If you sit at your desk knowing that there’s millions of beings suffering unnecessarily because of changing weather patterns; if you know that your family’s, friends and your own existence is being threatened while the “powerful” 1% of the global society just sits down and talks (trash): 

That is when you get up, you walk out the door and you do something.  

We are part of a generation that knows too much. We know so much that it is impossible to ignore that we can do something, and that we can change: for the better. This is exactly why we are doing what we are doing.

After working our "behinds" off for the past year, we have saved up just enough to pay for most of our travel expenses and the main camera. However, we still need equipment that will help us create a quality film worth showing to the world and for this, we have set 3 goals: 

The pioneers Our goal of €4.422 would cover the costs of the remaining basic equipment needed. 

The trend-setters Our second goal of €7.500 will enable us to upgrade to better equipment. 

The game-changers If we reach our ultimate goal of €15.400, we will be able to cover production expenses as well as upgrade to better equipment. A big part of this film will be funded by the people! 

Apart from becoming part of our world-changing team of positively insurgent artists, plus virtually joining us in an adventurous trip and receiving cool rewards (check them out below), you get to do something for humanity, nature, living beings, for generations to come, for us and for yourself. 

And, most importantly, you start betting on the fact that together we can make steps to change our world for the better.


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